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Important Garden Tasks for March

Important Garden Tasks for March

Spring is hovering and your garden is almost ready to come back to life after a cold winter. Home Depot has everything you need for your Spring gardening needs.  We Are Coupons can save you money on your Spring garden needs with the best Home Depot Coupons.  So, what 5 things do you need to do in your Garden this March?

Plant Your Annuals

Hopefully, frost is now behind us and the warmer weather can begin to bring your garden back to life. One task every gardener loves in March is to plant the annuals. Planting flowers such as Angelonia, wax begonia, and zinnia is one of the happiest garden chores of the year. By planting in March, you are guaranteed to have a summer full of wonderful colours.

Sow your Vegetable Seeds

There is nothing tastier than eating vegetables you have grown yourself. March is the time of year to plant the veg that will be on your plate from seed. Preparing the seedbeds and selecting the vegetables that you will nurture for the next few months is a wonderful part of gardening. From peas and beans to cabbages and lettuces, planting from seed is something special. When you plant from seed the vegetables always taste better.

From indoors to outdoors

March is a wonderful time of year when you can give new life to your slightly tired houseplants. Replanting your house plants into your warmer outdoor garden  in fresh soil refreshes roots and allows your plants to flourish once more. This is a task you may wish to read up a little about but it is a very satisfying job once done.

Give your irrigation the once over

Your irrigation system has been sat idle during winter and may need some attention.  March is the best time to give your irrigation the once over, repair any broken parts and just test that it is all working ready for the long dry summer ahead.

Prune Fruit Trees

For a really good crop of apples, pears or lemons you need to take care of your fruit trees in March. It is the season where pruning is essential. Pruning may seem harsh but it is the only way to ensure your fruit harvest is bountiful.  You should also spray your fruit trees at this time of year.

Mow your  lawn

In some parts of the country it may be perfect to give your lawn that first cut of the year. This is a sign that Spring has really sprung and many gardeners mow their lawn for the first time with absolute glee.

Once all this has been done your garden is ready for you to enjoy and work with for the rest of you year. All these are simple tasks, and all are highly beneficial.


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