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How to choose a small lawn mower

How to choose a small lawn mower

It is that time of year when you want to get back out in the garden. You want to mow your lawn but your old lawn mower has finally cut it’s last grass. Home Depot stocks a wide range of lawnmowers and with a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you could save a lot of money.  But how do you choose the right lawnmower?

Different Types of Mower

There are a handful of different types of mower. We are not covering ride on mowers in this article but will cover this is a future post.  The main types of mower are:

  •         Gas Push Mowers
  •         Electric Push Mowers
  •         Gas Self-Propelled Mowers
  •         Reel Mowers or Hand Mowers

Gas Push Mowers

Very much the most common lawn mower on the market. A gas engine powers steel cutting blades and the mower is pushed to cut lawns.  Most start with either a simple string pull and others have an electric start. These are perfect for most decent-sized lawns.  They run on conventional gasoline and require annual servicing. The machines are easy to maintain and are suited to most terrains.

Electric Push Mowers

These traditionally have a long electrical cable that is plugged into the mains. Newer models are “cordless” and run off a battery charged by the mains.  Very similar to Gas Push Mowers but those with a cable have a restricted range. Battery mowers are good for small lawns and may need frequent recharging for larger lawns. You should discuss the facts about battery or “cordless” mowers with the lawnmower expert in your nearest Home Depot store.

Gas Self-Propelled Mowers

For those with large areas of grass that need mowing a Gas Self-Propelled Mower takes some of the hard work out of the task. Similar to Gas Push Mowers however as the name suggests, the rear wheels of the mower are powered, and the machine is propelled. For Hilly terrain these mowers make light work of mowing and many who desire a perfect lawn opt for a Gas Self-Propelled machine.

Reel Mowers and Hand Mowers

For small, flat lawns a reel mower or hand mower is ideal. These machines have been used for over a century have become more efficient in recent years. Lightweight and provided they are well maintained these machines cut small lawns effortlessly.


Price is very often the determining factor when it comes to lawnmowers

Gas Push Mowers start at around $200  through to $500

Electric Push Mowers start at $250  with electric self-propelled from $300

Gas Self-Propelled Mowers start and around $250

Reel Mowers start from as little as $69


Choosing the right mower is important and Home Depot has experts in hand to help you make the right choice.


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