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How to choose a rake and save online today

Save Online Today helps you buy the things you need for your home for less. It really is that simple. Save Online Today has the best prices on home product all in one simple and secure place. While helping you save money we also help you choose the product for your home. Even the simplest of items can sometimes need some thinking about and this week is no exception. Just how do you choose a garden rake?

Different Rakes

As you can well imagine there are different rakes for different tasks. There are different sizes and different makes. At the end of the day the rake you choose is down to personal preference, but these few tips may help you choose the ideal rake for you.

Handle Length

It is important to feel comfortable when working with your rake. Much of the comfort comes from the length of the rake itself. Rakes comes in various lengths and you can even purchase rakes of adjustable length. The best way to tell what rake works for you is to hold a couple and find out what works best for you.

Head Width

Depending on what you want to use your rake for you will require different sized heads. Of course, for the bigger jobs wide open spaces a larger head will be need. If you are tending a small flower bed you might well need a smaller head.  For rakes for raking up leaves and grass you can get rakes with adjustable heads.

Weight of the rake

One of the most important criteria for choosing the ideal rake is of course, the weight.  A rake that is too heavy will make work uncomfortable and tiring whereas too light a rake may be equally uncomfortable. Certain tasks also demand a heaver rake,  raking gravel on a driveway for instance is not something you can do well with a light rake. The materials the rake is made from play a huge part in determining the weight and strength of the rake.

Quality and Materials

A final and important consideration when choosing a new rake is the quality of the rake and the materials it is made from. Cheaper, lightweight rakes are generally of a lower quality and have a short lifespan, good for a couple of weeks of light work.  Better quality rakes cost more money and are made from stronger, longer lasting materials.  A high quality, more expensive rake may have a solod wood handle as opposed to a cheap plastic or think aluminum handle.


Price is another factor to consider when buying a rake. Shopping around you will find rakes vary in price. For a rake at a great price a visit to could be a very wise move

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