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How to cool down in your back yard for less this summer

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Summer is coming and it seems like only yesterday you were thinking about how to stay warm. Now you need to think about cooling down in your back yard. Here are some simple ways to stay cool in your back yard this summer.

Snow Cones and Ice Cream

The ultimate way to indulge and cool down in your back yard is with some homemade snow cones and ice cream. Investing an ice maker or an ice cream maker means you will have a constant supply of cold treats on tap.  With an ice cream maker you will never have to race off to the store and pray your ice cream doesn’t melt on the way home!

A splash pool

Not everyone has the luxury of a full swimming pool in their yard or garden, some simply don’t have space.  A plastic splash pool doesn’t have to be deep or huge and it can create a wonderful oasis of cool in your back yard. A splash pool can be a place for kids to have a water fight or for adults to simply dip their toes and cool off.  A splash pool is a great summer investment if you want to stay cool.

Water Misting

A water misting system is affordable and easy to install. A simple set of pipes with nozzles that emit a very fine and amazingly refreshing mist is the best way to cool an outdoor space. A water misting system does not use a huge amount of water and using a timer you can pre-cool an area quickly and easily.  No matter how big or small your space is, a water misting system is a superb way to cool your back yard under the hot summer sun.

Build a homemade water slide

Keeping cool in your back yard can also be fun and play is what summer is for, especially if you have kids.  A great way to cool off in your back yard is to build a DIY water slide from plastic bags.  Place some plastic bin liners on your lawn and run the hose and you soon create a fun feature in your yard.  To make it extra slippery use some shampoo or dish washing liquid.  Make sure there is adult supervision at all times!

 A Water Balloon Fight

Staying and ending with fun a really awesome way to cool down in your back yard is to have a water balloon fight. Fill up a bucket with water balloons, share them equally and let battle commence! 

Staying cool in your back yard this summer has never been easier and never cost less!

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