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How to make your home smarter

How to make your home smarter

Homes today are a far cry from the homes of twenty or thirty years ago.  Decades ago, technology was different to that of today but one thing remained the same.  Whatever the latest technology was homeowners and families wanted it.  The desire to be up to date remains today and Home Depot have kept up with things. With a Home Depot Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the latest tech for your home with ease.  But how do you make your home smart?  Here are 5 quick ways to make your home smart.

Smart Speakers

Music and sound surrounds us today and wires are not required.  You can make your home smarter by purchasing some smart speakers.  Smart speakers can be placed anywhere in the home, even the bathroom and are not only used for playing music. Smart speakers can be used to control other devices or even order take out because they are more than just a speaker. Linked up to Google Alexa or Amazon Echo your speakers can control so much.

Smart Light Bulbs

Don’t be left in the dark and never forget to turn the lights off when you exit a room with smart light bulbs. These super-easy to install smart home must haves not only make life easier but because they switch off and on only when needed they save you money. Again smart light bulbs are more than just lights, you can dim them with your voice and even change their color.

Smart Home Security

Your safety and your home security are paramount and smart security systems are lowering the cost of home security.  As the cost lowers smart security systems offer even more functionality.  From simple ring doorbells with built in cameras to fully automated, mobile access home security smart home security is easy to install DIY or can be professionally installed with ease. Smart home security makes life easier and delivers massive peace of mind.

Smart Thermostats

Heating and cooling in your home use the most energy and cost the most money. Anything you can do to save money and make your heating and cooling more efficient is a winner. This is where smart thermostats and devices come in. Simple to control from your phone you can adjust settings, switch heating and cooling on or off and more from your phone from anywhere.  Quick and easy to install and extremely easy to use many homeowners find smart thermostats pay for themselves within a year.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances have arrived and more families are choosing them over conventional appliances. Appliances that can be controlled remotely from a phone or by voice are taking over the kitchen. From appliances that can make the perfect cup of coffee or fridges that that can order food when it runs out it all available and changing the way we live.


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