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Considering Kids in Home Renovations

Considering Kids in Home Renovations

Home Depot has been helping American Families make their houses their homes for many years.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons, making your home a fantastic place for kids becomes very affordable.  From simple DIY tasks to major remodelling, Home Depot has all the tools and supplies you need to make things happen.  However, when renovating or redesigning a space when kids are around there are a handful things you need to consider.

Value the Input of Kids

When you are renovating or simply redecorating a room or space and you want your kids to love it don’t just jump in. Of course, you will be full of amazing ideas on how to make a space your child will love. However, these will be your ideas and your child may be thinking something completely different, and while you are thinking out of the box your child threw the box away. So, when renovating a room or space that you want to make child friendly or even child awesome let your kids have some input. Kids see things differently and while they may, of course, have some outrageous ideas that simply won’t or can’t work they will, nonetheless, have some brilliant ideas that will. If you want your kids to love it let them be part of it!

Privacy Matters

With tots and young kids their rooms and spaces can be shared spaces. This makes design and renovation fairly easy. However, ad kids grow up they begin to need their own space. Boys need to be away from girls and vice versa. Boys want certain things, girls want others. They want safe “me space” at some stage in their life as they grow up. All this needs to be taken into consideration when planning a truly kid friendly home and it is very important.

To Build in or not ?

Built in furniture sounds wonderful. For some kids or kids at a certain age built in furniture is fantastic and even considered cool or trendy. However, as mentioned above, kids grow up and with this they outgrow certain things, styles and designs. You need to consider the pros and cons of built-in items.  Built-in book cases are great and while books make change from fairy tales to school and college books over time the purpose of the units will remain the same. Built-in fairy tale castle beds on the other hand eventually become childish.  Before you build in, pause.

The importance of shared space

Creating a kid-friendly home is not just about the kids. A Kid friendly home needs to be a family-friendly home.  Shared family space in any family home is vitally important and finding the balance between, child, teen, adult and shared space is the key to a true kid friendly home. Remember, a house is bricks and mortar but a home is made by people. Get this right and happiness will flow!


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