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Things not to overlook when selling your home Part 1

Things not to overlook when selling your home   Part 1

When it comes to selling you’re your house Home Depot has everything you need to make it look and feel amazing for potential buyers.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save money in making your house look amazing and perhaps increase its sale value.  However there are some things you should never overlook when selling your home. Between this article and the next we will look at some of the most important things to consider when selling your home and getting the best price you can.

The Cost of Selling

Many people forget that selling a house actually costs money.  It is very easy to think that you can sell your house for $500,000 and you will get $500,000 in your bank. Your real estate agent will ask for as much as 6% commission on the sale of your house. Furthermore, buyers will generally always want to negotiate and concessions made and repairs you need to make to meet their purchase offer can set you back significant sums of money. There is little anyone can do about either of these but once you are aware your expectations are better set.

The Cost of Moving

When selling a property most people are planning to move on to somewhere. The cost of this move needs to be factored into your cost. Whether you are upsizing and downsizing the cost of moving is not often considered when selling a house or apartment. You may choose to move yourself or you may call in a professional moving company. Either way there is cost to both and this is part of the selling process.

Can Afford to Sell?

Do you know how much you owe on the house or property you are selling?  Very often people owe a lot more on their home loan than they think they do. It is all too easy to find out that you owe more on your home loan than the property is actually worth and selling will leave you with a considerable shortfall.

Valuing you Property

Getting a correct and accurate valuation on your property is something not everyone does. If you want a quick sale you need a good price, if you can afford to wait for a better price you can set a better price and wait. Getting a realistic valuation of your property is vital and having a good real estate agent is equally so.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Money is often tight when people sell their homes and one cost they can avoid is a pre-listing inspection. People believe they know their home better but in reality they do not know what buyers will notice from the corner of their eye. Given the low cost of a pre-list inspection such a service is perhaps the most important service you can take advantage of when selling your home.

In Part 2 we will give you some  more tips on how to sell your house well and how to make sure you get the price you want for it.

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