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Ways to Hide Eyesores in Your Home

Ways to Hide Eyesores in Your Home

Lowes has all the tools to create all the solutions to home décor challenges you can face. Using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can solve DIY problems for less. Rather than letting ugly objects ruin your home, you can use creative ways to hide them. For instance, you can hide cable boxes and electronics behind faux wood beams or long drapes. If you have large stains on your carpet, try to hide them with a new rug. You can also layer rugs on your floor to add depth and color. Mismatched furniture is also a common problem, but you can use an accent wall, colorful drapes, or a large decorative piece to draw attention away from it. The same goes for small holes in walls and other wall stains.


Wooden cable management box

If you want to hide unsightly cables in your home, you need to purchase a cable management box. These boxes are made of plastic and are usually designed to withstand impact. You should also choose a cable management box that provides ventilation. The best types of cable boxes have feet on the bottom, which help raise the box and vent excess heat.


The cable box keeps cables neatly tucked away and can be hung on a wall or placed on a desk. You can purchase one for around $36 on Etsy. It can also hide power strips, adaptors, and block chargers. If you want to keep your cords organized, you can also buy a cable sleeve. This can help keep the cords in a single location from your devices to the outlet. You can also find these cord sleeves for around $9 each on Amazon.


Long drapes

You can hide the eyesores in your home by hanging long drapes. For instance, you can use long drapes to hide radiators in front of your windows. This will help you cover the radiator while also enhancing the decor. Of course, you should only use long drapes when the radiator is not in use.


Moreover, you should remember that drapes do not need to be changed very often. However, you must keep in mind that they will fade with time, especially if they are south-facing. Even if the curtains are made of good-quality fabrics, they will eventually succumb to the effects of direct sunlight.


Electronics hidden behind faux-wood beams

Hollow faux wood ceiling beams, also known as boxed ceiling beams, are a popular choice for hiding wiring and HVAC ducts in new construction. They can also accommodate surround sound and track lighting. The wood is flexible, making it easy to contour to a beam's shape.


Faux beams are available in hundreds of different styles. They are lightweight and easy to install. Five home bloggers share their favorite options for creating a faux-wood beam.


Stains covered with long drapes

Stains on carpets can be easily hidden by layering rugs on top of the stain. Layering rugs also gives the room more depth and color. Mismatched furniture can also be covered by drawing attention elsewhere in the room. Adding a large decorative piece or long drapes in a vibrant color can draw attention away from the mismatched furniture. Painting an accent wall may also help. Small holes in the walls can be covered the same way.

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