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Where to focus repairs and maintenance when selling your home

Where to focus repairs and maintenance when selling your home

Home Depot has been helping people look after their homes for decades.  With a store full of tools, materials and equipment home maintenance is easy with Home Depot. On top of this, with a Home Depot Money Off coupon from We Are Coupons you can save a lot of money. Selling a house is generally a time when home maintenance comes into focus. Older houses especially may need some fairy substantial work doing before they can really be sold, even some new properties that have either been poorly built or poorly maintained need a bit more than just TLC. So when selling your home what are the major things to repair or ensure are in a good state of repair and/or even safe?


Having a faucet that drips is a minor thing to fix but when the plumbing makes noises and pipes rattle you may need to consider more than just a repair before selling. Making sure the plumbing is in good condition, ensuring pipes don’t leak, toilets are not cracked and so on is vital. To sell a house plumbing needs to be in almost perfect condition.


As with the plumbing the electrics inside a house are a major part of the property that needs to be inspected before selling. Dated electrical fittings especially need replacing and updating, wiring hidden behind damp walls may need stripping out and light fittings of all kinds may need replacing. Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to electrical everything in any home and on older properties a full upgrade of the electrics may be necessary before selling and this can be costly.

Heating and Ventilation

Many American homes have substantial heating, ventilation and HVAC systems.  Heating and HVAC systems need regular maintenance and where this has not been done it can be hard work to get the systems working again, even systems that are relatively new. There are plenty of homes that have older albeit reliable heating, ventilation and HVACV systems but these do little to improve the saleability of a property. While records showing good maintenance go a good way nothing beats a newer and more energy efficient system when selling a home.


One of the most expensive parts of a house to replace is the roof.  The roof in poor condition will lower the value of a property dramatically. Well maintained roofs both inside and out will always help a property sell faster.  Replacing a roof is costly but if the roof is in such poor condition replacement may actually be cost-effective before a sale.


Next to the roof, foundational problems are expensive fixes and on older properties especially this is an area where special attention needs to be paid before selling. Prices for fixes can be high but the cost of the fix is less than the knock you will take on the sale price.

Modern Fittings

The final thing to take into consideration with all of the above is that of modern energy efficient fittings in the property. An energy efficient home is worth considerably more than one that is not and next to location this is perhaps one of the key price increasing factors when selling a property today.

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