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The Four Forms Of Light in Your Home

The Four Forms Of Light in Your Home

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Lighting is an important part of any home and it is something many of us take for granted. But did you know there are four different types of lighting found in every home across America? What are the four different types of lighting found in a home?

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is all about setting the mood.  Most homes have ambient lighting and there are various types of lighting that can help you create the perfect feeling.  Ceiling fixtures, recessed cans, sconces or torch-style fixtures all provide good ambient lighting. 

How much ambient light is needed?

Light is light. Not quite.  Too little and a place is dark and too much you are blinded.  There is a simple way to work out how much ambient light you need and it is a good rule of thumb. Take the dimensions of your room and then multiply that number by 1.5 and you will have an approximate number of watts you need. However, a good way to help you set the right level of light is to install a dimmer switch.

Task Lighting

When you need light to help you perform a task you need lighting to help you. Light to cook by, light to read by and even light to work by. Task lighting creates a pool of light often twice the brightness of the ambient light. Lamps and hanging fixtures are great sources of task lighting as are downlights in the kitchen or lights over your range. Swingarm lights are great in the bedroom and these can even be smart lights that switch on and off at your command.

Accent Lighting

To make your home look amazing accent lighting is used. Light can be used to track beams or light up hidden parts of rooms to really show off a room. Spotlights over paintings and uplighting toward alcoves and ceilings are all part of accent lighting. No home is complete without some accent lighting.

Natural Lighting

The very best lighting, the kind money cannot buy is natural lighting.  Every home should make the most of natural lighting, some homes can make the most of a stunning sunrise while others are perfectly positioned for a glorious sunset. Natural light can fill a room with color and with it warmth from the sun. No home is complete without plenty of natural light.


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