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Recreating Bridgerton in your Home

Recreating Bridgerton in your Home

TV shows and Movies have long influenced fashion and style. In the home the likes of Bridgerton has led to some surprising home décor ideas.  Regency design has become popular and Lowes has all you need to recreate it. With  Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can bring Bridgeton to your home for less.

Bridgerton Series Two

Bridgerton will be the talk of town with the release of its second season. This will likely bring a revival of a particular aesthetic that you may have noticed gain momentum over this past year: It is called Regencycore. What does this mean? You can read on to find out the latest style, just in-time for more Bridgerton drama and opulent decor that will grace our screens.


What is Regencycore?

Regencycore refers to the tendency to decorate homes and dress in early 1800s-era England. It's basically how you imagine Jane Austen's home and wardrobe to look. You can think of gilded mirrors and fainting sofas, as well as floral porcelain and patterned furniture. Today's style is a departure from historical accuracy. It features bold, whimsical and even magical motifs (much as Bridgerton).

After the Regency era in the United Kingdom, 1811-1820, the Regencycore aeshetic was named. Prince George IV, who was ill, was a regent during this period. He took the throne from King George III.


What made Regencycore so popular?

Lisa Rickert (CEO and Creative Director at Jolie Home) says that antique furniture from the 18th century has left a lasting impression on design. "Its perfect proportions and beauty have made it a lasting mark on design.

Anastasia Casey, The Identite Collective, says that Regencycore has added elegance to the everyday environment since the beginning of the pandemic.

While period-specific films and shows have definitely sparked renewed interest in Regencycore, Frankie Merante is the Vice President of Greenwich Auction. She believes that media does not account for its popularity. I hear bidders say that antiques are a way to reduce their carbon footprint and tell stories. Merante adds that antique pieces are unique in their craftsmanship and use materials. Younger buyers are starting to notice this.

Supply chain problems are another contributing factor. Merante's customers frequently tell Merante that the wait times for custom-made furniture is so long, they began looking elsewhere. They ended up buying estate and auction sales instead.


Where can I buy Regencycore Furnishings & Decor?

You don't have to go to the mall to find Regencycore pieces. You can find inspiration  in stores such as Lowes.


How do I incorporate Regencycore Decor in Modern Style?

It's all about the details. It's possible to incorporate Regency-era furniture and keep the space muted and simple. You can also incorporate Regencycore pieces into a space that is truly Bridgerton-esque while adding modern art and wallpaper.


Merante discovered that Regencycore furniture can still look modern with clean lines. So, select pieces from the past lend themselves to more traditional or contemporary decorating.


For more Regencycore inspiration, what films and shows can I watch?

We recommend that you also check out House Beautiful's list of films and shows to look at for inspiration, which includes Downton Abbey, Pride & Prejudice, and others. !

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