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Know your home cleaning chemicals

Know your home cleaning chemicals

A clean house is a wonderful thing and buying your cleaning chemicals from Lowes, for example, is something many people do without thinking. Knowing a little something about your cleaning chemicals for use in your home can make all the difference to what you purchase. Of course, you can save money with  Lowes Printable Coupon but do you know the basics of the cleaning chemicals you are buying?

There are many different cleaning agents and each is used differently according to the item to be cleaned, the cleaning method and the type of and how much soiling is found on the item. In a nutshell, there are just four main types of cleaning agents used to clean your home, and these are:

  •         Detergents
  •         Degreasers
  •         Abrasives
  •         Acids

But what are the differences and what is each used for?




By far the most common form of cleaning agent, Detergents are used in home and commercial kitchens. Detergents work by breaking down dirt or soil, making it easy to wash it away. There are many different brands of detergents, and Lowes has many in stock.

Generally, detergents used in the home are synthetic detergents manufactured from petroleum products and maybe in the form of powder, liquid, gel or crystals. If you need advice on what detergent to buy you can always ask at Lowes.


The name of this clearly defines what this agent does. Degreasers are sometimes known as solvent cleaners and are used in many spaces in the home to remove grease from surfaces such as oven tops, counters and grill backsplashes.

Before modern chemicals, methylated spirits or white spirit were commonly used as degreasers around the home. Today, most households prefer to use non-toxic, non-fuming degreasers to prevent chemical contamination. Furthermore, there are eco-friendly degreasers that are better for the environment and many people believe these even clean better – why not ask at Lowes to see if they have any eco-friendly degreasing products.



Abrasives are common substances or chemicals that rely on a rubbing or scrubbing action to clean dirt from hard surfaces. In homes around the country, abrasives are generally used to clean floors, pots and pans.

All Abrasives should be used with care as they can scratch certain types of materials causing damage. Likewise, gloves should always be worn when used in the home.



Not every home has these often toxic cleaning materials but some do. Acid cleaners are the most powerful type of cleaning agent and should be used with caution. If they are not diluted correctly, acid cleaners can be very poisonous and corrosive. Often used to remove mineral deposits, acids are useful for descaling dishwashers and bathroom walls

With these basics in mind, you can now happily head down to your nearest Lowes store with your Lowes Printable Coupons and save money on all the cleaning materials you need for your home

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