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Top Reasons for an Emergency Home Repair Fund

Home maintenance is (or should be) an ongoing thing and thus you spend money on it.  You can save money on many home maintenance tasks by using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Saving Coupon.  Sometimes, despite getting money off with a coupon you need extra funds to pay for a repair and for this reason you need a back up plan. Many people resort to a loan or even extending their credit limits on cards.  However, there is a better way to pay for emergency repairs or the bigger jobs you know you need to do.  You need an emergency repair fund, money you stash away each month and use for the proverbial rainy day. Here is why you should have an emergency repair fund.

Roof Repairs

With regular maintenance your roof should be okay.  However, there are times where things happen and the roof needs repairing. In many cases insurance should pay out but in most cases you need to do the work first before payment is finally released. With roof repairs costing upwards of $4,000 an emergency repair fund will be the biggest blessing you could wish for. Your roof is important, you need a proper job done when it needs replacing and you need it done fast. Your emergency home repair fund can make this happen.

Fix the leaky Faucets

It might only seem like a dripping faucet and it may only be a washer but often it is more than this. Modern Faucets are more than just a handle, spout and washer and repairs are not always cheap or easy.  Even DIY repairs can be costly, smart faucets often need fully replacing even if they just drip. But even a simple repair job, especially if you call in a plumber, can cost upwards of $230!  Again, not everyone has a spare $230 laying around and dipping into the emergency home repair fund can be your saving grace.

Furnace and Aircon  repairs – or replacement

Furnace and Aircon Units that are well maintained are less likely to break or totally fail and need replacing. However, these important heating and cooling machines do not last forever.  When these items go wrong they do so when you least expect it, when you need them most and when you really can’t afford the costs to repair or replace. Repairs can cost a painful $10,000 and again repairs often need to be done quickly.  The emergency home repair fund is again your best friend.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposals are the best thing ever for many Americans. When these make the dreadful grinding sound or simply pack up you fear for everything. Yes, your garbage disposal needs a repair and may even need to be replaced and this can cost anywhere between $100 and $1000. Even $100 at the wrong time of the month is a large sum for many and the emergency repair fund will always come to the rescue

These are just four examples where your emergency repair fund is needed. Experts say you should save 1% of the value of your property each year as an emergency repair fund. To some this sounds like a lot but when it comes to the crunch you will never regret it.

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