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Tips for a COVID19 safe house when told to stay at home

Tips for a COVID19 safe house when told to stay at home

Many of us are going to be quarantined or self-isolated at the Coronavirus spreads. There is nothing to panic about, staying at home and away from other people is considered the best way to control the deadly virus. However, it does make sense to make sure your home is ready and safe for the Coronavirus and while stocking up on cleaning essentials at Lowes using a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons is a great start there are a few simple things you can do to keep your home cleaner and safer and just all-round better.

Watch the Fridge

When locked down and self-isolating at home the refrigerator takes some punishment. When in the current situation there seems to be a constant hunger and the fridge door is opened only too often to see what there is to eat. Even Lowes do not sell a self-filling fridge. The whole opening and closing of the refrigerator has two problems, one the fridge looses coldness and needs to constantly power up to cool down – costing money – and secondly food does not stay as fresh as it should for as long as it could. So, keep and eye in the constant opening and closing of the refrigerator.

Sanitize your washer

A washing machine isn’t the sort of thing you think will carry germs, but it does. Washing the washing machine or using a boil or sanitize setting is a good idea, especially with the Coronavirus potentially hiding close by. Many newer machines have a sanitize setting and it does not have to waste water or energy as this setting can be used to wash bedding or heavily soiled clothing. Use this setting once a week and your washing machine will be free of germs for most of the time.

Keep an eye on your bathroom

Bathrooms are the vacation home for all germs and bathrooms but their very nature, especially with dirty bodies using them more often as people do the right thing and stay at home. Paying extra attention to cleaning and sanitizing your bathroom is important. Towels and facecloths get used more often and need to be cleaned (see above) and replaced more often. Toilets, basics, faucets and drains need cleaning and disinfecting at least once a day. Keeping your bathroom clean helps you stay clean and healthy and helps keeps COVID19 away.

Keep all surfaces clean

General household cleaning needs to be taken to a new level and regular cleaning, not just a wipe over, of all surfaces is the best way to keep your family healthy and happy. Mixing some disinfectant into your regular cleaning materials makes a big difference.  Don’t forget, if you do run out of cleaning materials Lowes is still open and you can still use your Lowes Money Off Coupons to save money on the essentials you need at all times!



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