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Indoor Tasks for May

Indoor Tasks for May

May has suddenly arrived, it only seemed like yesterday that we were welcoming in the New Year. At Home Depot we have everything you need to get you home ready for May and the summer ahead.  You can save money on everything at Home Depot with the best Home Depot Money Off Coupons on the internet from We Are Coupons.   But what are the things you need to in your home in May?  Here are a few that can get you started and warmed up for summer.

Open the windows

It is time to let some fresh air into your home and the musty winter air out. May is warm enough to open the windows and freshen up your home.  But it is more than just letting the fresh air in. By opening the windows you can have a close look at the windows themselves.  You can check for cracked or broken panes of glass and check the frames for damage. May is the time to fully maintain your windows.

Check your basement and attic

Two of the most neglected spaces in  any home are the basement and the attic. In a lot of homes these rooms are spaces for storage and many of them are damp.  May is a great time to check out your attic space and basements and follow your nose for any strange or unwelcome smells. Moisture can  easily seep into these lesser used spaces and the sooner you can address the damp the better. Investigating and addressing damp can save a lot of money and hassle down the line.

Home Safety Checks

May is also a good time to check out all the safety aspects of you home.  A great task that you can use the kids for is to check the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors.  Each detector should be tested and where required the batteries should be replaced. Furthermore you should check any fire extinguishers and fire escapes to see if they are in working order.  These simple safety checks in May could save lives.

Clean your Furnace

Winter is over and the chances of needing your furnace in May are close to zero. Now is the time to clean and maintain your furnace ready for next winter.  Simple checks and a simple clean are things you can do yourself but you may want to have a full service and a proper clean. For this you will need to call in the professionals.

Get New and Go Green

May is a good time to think about going green in the home and even replacing a few appliances.  Making a plan to change your lighting to LED during May will save you money next Winter.  Replacing other appliances at this time with more efficient modern models is also worth consideration and will save you money in the long term.

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