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How to Create the ideal family bathroom and save money with Home Depot

How to Create the ideal family bathroom and save money with Home Depot

As a couple a bathroom can easily accommodate the space for his and hers, with a family it is a little bit trickier.  A Family Bathroom needs to work for everyone and just because you have kids, it does not mean your bathroom has to become boring. Home Depot has everything you need to create the ideal family bathroom and when you shop online using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save big.


As with any room in home, planning and some logical thinking can turn an ordinary bathroom into the ideal family bathroom.  With some simple changes to what you might have now and a little creativity your bathroom will be loved by everyone. It will become the boudoir for Mom to pamper herself, the splash pad where dad can sing in the shower and the wet room where kids brush their teeth and of course make things wet. 

A modern ideal family bathroom is something that can be created by anyone. Whether you just need to upgrade and update or whether you are planning a brand new bathroom here are a few pointers that will help you.   With these tips and tricks, we can assure you that you will find the blend of luxury with family practicality that every household is looking for.

Space Management

Very few average homes have massive bathrooms on the scale scene in Hollywood movies. The reality is that space is at a premium in almost every home.  Maximising functionality on the limited space you have is the key to making your bathroom work for the entire family.

Trying squeeze in the double shower and making space on the wall for twin basins soon takes up valuable space. Think practically and ask yourself how often will two people shower together and do you really need separate sink basins? The fact is that most families do not, so rather think practically and end up with a bathroom that becomes a more open, relaxing space.

One of the most amazing ways to create space, and save some money, is by installing a “P” Shape Shower-Bath. With these single units, costs are immediately saved, as it is one item and costs less to install. Space is maximised because these baths are made exactly for that. A “P” shape shower-bath eliminates the need for a designated shower enclosure with separate bath – you will be amazed at how saving a couple of inches and thinking out of the box makes your bathroom bigger!

Keep things minimal and keep things tidy. Wall space is often under-used in bathrooms and with the latest designs in cabinets, enclosures and shelving the fixtures and fittings hang off the wall, save space and make things look very stylish. Keeping things neat, tidy and minimal with clever use of mirrors gives the impression of space. With this illusion, the family will love the bathroom.

Make storage stylish

Just having a box and a laundry basket is not really enough for the ideal family bathroom.  There are many cost-effective and really stylish ways to make your storage practical and trendy. Again planning and clever thinking bring style and practicality together. Hanging a laundry bags on pegs are fun and cost effective ways to manage the never-ending piles of laundry.

And all those bath toys?  Hanging some wicker baskets on the wall makes and easy to install and affordable storage solution that looks smart too. Look for storage and wall cabinets that have the best space, spending a little extra on a larger cabinet with a built in mirror will be worth it.  Have a look around, ask someone for advice and you will find a number of creative storage ideas that are a little further from the norm. Remember managing your storage is king when it comes to having the ideal family bathroom.

Keep things safe

Family Bathrooms combine water with kids and non-slip bath mats and strips make absolute sense. With these, you can go crazy on colour or keep things sensible it is up to you.  Close soft, toilet seats are a must if you have little ones, slamming small fingers in toilet seats is something many parents have witnessed. The close soft toilet seats are also somewhat classy in how they drop down.

Don’t forget to keep things like medicines and razors out of reach from curious, little people.  Look at storage solutions that are lockable and again mirrored cabinets are great as they store and reflect light.

Reduce costs and save water

Families cost money and showering and bathing uses water than costs money. Water savings in your ideal family bathroom will put some pennies in the bank to spend on the family. Dual flush and low flow toilets as well as toilets with smaller cisterns will save hundreds of litres of water every month and this means savings in your bank to.

Consider digital or eco showers, using aerators on faucets all make a difference to the water bill. Timers that allow you to monitor how long people shower for can help you become water wise and reduce your water bill.  Many of these things are easy to install and they pay for themselves in a reasonable period of time.

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