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DIY Jobs around the house that will save you money

DIY Jobs around the house that will save you money

When it comes to home improvement Home Depot has been the best friend for every American for decades. Did you know that there a many small DIY jobs that Home Depot can help you with that will actually save you money?  Furthermore,  you can save even more money when shopping at Home Depot Online by using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Saving Coupon.  But, before you shop, what are some of the DIY jobs you can do to save you money?

Clean the Bathroom Mould

Far too many people have to replace their bathroom ceiling because they fail to clean mould away effectively. Mould in bathrooms can  quickly and easily eat into ceilings, wooden window frames and wooden floors. Deep cleaning eaten in mould is a costly exercise and replacing mould damaged ceilings, floors and windows is even more costly. A simple way to save the potential cost of a deep clean or replacement is to spray a bleach mixture onto surfaces once a week. This cost effective and easy treatment can save you hundreds of dollars and keep your bathroom hygienically clean.

A Coat of Paint in time

One of the best money saving ways to improve your home is to simply add a coat of paint on a wall. This cost-effective home upgrade done once a year can keep your home looking amazingly smart, stylish and fresh. Tackling one room at a time using leftover paint is a great way to save money on home décor, even using new paint is not expensive and you will never regret this task.

Repair interior wall damage

Homeowners with kids and those in windy areas will be very aware of howe a door handle slamming can cause damage to a wall. One home maintenance job that saves big money in the future to repair worse damage is to repair holes and cracks in the wall before they get worse. Where door slam damage is a regular occurrence protect the area that gets slammed on and save yourself time, money and hassle.

Fix a chair before it breaks

A Wobbly chair is often the first sign of a chair, especially a wooden chair, that it will soon break. The way to save the cost of replacing a damaged chair or even paying medical bills is to strengthen chairs before they break. At the first sign of a wobble drill some pilot holes into the joints of the chair and screw in some trim-head screws to fully fasten the joint and make it stronger. This is a simple trick that all thrifty homeowners should know about.


One of the most thrifty of all DIY tasks is to insulate the house or replace outdated insulation. Home Depot has plenty of insulation solutions that can save you a small fortune on your heating bills this winter, and the task of insulating your home is relatively easy!

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