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When to buy an appliance to save the most money

When to buy an appliance to save the most money

There is, it seems, an art to buying kitchen appliances and very few people are aware of this. At We are Coupons, we love to help people save money when shopping and one area we would love to help you is in buying appliances.

Appliances are normally quite a large spend item and knowing when best to buy anything from a refrigerator to a toaster can save you money. For real savings of up to 10% at Lowes jump to the end of this post and be amazed. But for now, when are the best times to buy an appliance?

Model Change

One of the best times to buy a new appliance is when a particular model is coming to the end of production. At this stage in the product lifecycle of appliances, stores want to clear their floors to make way for the new models. Generally in the week or so at the end of production of a particular model, you can save anywhere from 10% to a massive 30%, even more on shop soiled and demo models

Holiday weekends

Holiday weekends are well known for their sales, but people surprisingly forget about them. With so many plans to be with family and the like shoppjng for an appliance is the last thing on their mind. However, making a trip to Lowes, for example, to buy a new appliance in the sale could save you some much needed cash to spend on the family.

Month End

The month end savings have become the norm and deals on appliances just around payday are often easy to find. Yes, the stores are often busier at month and around payday but again the hassle of an extra 20 minutes in the store are worth it for the savings you could make on your new appliance.


Very often stores are quiet on a Wednesday and a Thursday, and for this reason, shop salespeople are often more likely to give you a discount. Very often haggling in the middle of the week can yield some impressive results.

Black Friday

Who on earth can ignore Black Friday?  While deals may well be limited and you will need to fast on your feel the savings attained on Black Friday can be crazy. It has been known to save over 70% on some items on Black Friday, and this phenomenon is well worth waiting for if you are looking to buy an appliance or just about anything!


Another amazing way to buy an appliance and save is to shop online. Very often online prices of certain appliances are a little lower than instore, and this is true nearly all year round

Lowes 10% off Coupon

If you really want to save money on buying a new appliance the best way by far is with a Lowes 20% off coupon from We Are Coupons. These vouchers cost as little at $1 and a 10% on any appliance is a superb saving and you can use these coupons in any Lowes branch at any time of the year.  Buy your Lowes 10% off coupon here.

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