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Tips on buying a washing machine from Lowes

Tips on buying a washing machine from Lowes

It is estimated that there are ove5 150 different types of washing machine in the United States. This crazy fact makes buying a washing machine a somewhat daunting task and when you walk into Lowes and see just how many machines they stock it hits home. So just how should you buy a washing machine? Here are some basic tips that, along with a Lowes Money Off Coupon, will make buying a washing a machine that bit easier when you shop at your nearest Lowes store.

Front loader vs Top Loader

Sifting through a ton of options on hundreds of machines all designed to simply wash your clothes means you first need to decide between either a front loader or a top a loader. There are two obvious differences between the two but there are other considerations you cannot overlook. Top loaders are generally a little bit larger than top loaders and making sure you have space for your washer is important. Front loaders are often installed under the counter while top loaders need access from the top or can be totally free standing.

Space available

A top consideration when choosing a Washing machine is the space you have available. In more compact homes or laundry areas front loading machines can make sense and many have the ability to stack a dryer on top using a stacking kit to maximize space.  But space is not the only consideration, space inside the machine or the drum size is important. On average a machine has a drum of about 5 cubic feet and the larger the drum size the greater the size of the load a machine can wash. There are some machines designed for larger loads and the size of the load a machine can take is nearly always stated on the machine. Be aware that an older model or less advanced top loader may have a larger drum but the agitator technology often reduces the overall load capacity.


You will be spending at least $500 on a new washing machine, less with a Lowes money off coupon and machines can increase considerably in price. Top loaders are generally cheaper and front loaders start at around $800.  You also need to consider how much water and electricity the machine uses. It may sound minor but over the lifetime of a machine the cost of water and power can seriously add up.

Special features and washes

Finally, you may want to consider the features of your washing machine. Many machines come with a variety of different features such as built in sink or faucet. Others use very little water or use water in a different manner. There are also different wash programs and for some users this is important.  Overall, take your time, do your research and do not forget to shop at Lowes with a We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon.

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