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5 things you can buy for $1

5 things you can buy for $1


Shopping at Lowes Saves you Money, everyone knows that. Using a Lowes Printable Coupon and then shopping at Lowes saves you even more money, everyone needs to know that. Over the last few months We Are Coupons has delivered thousands of Lowes Money Off Coupons that have saved people quite a bit of money. But we got thinking, even if our coupons only saved you One Dollar what could you do with that Dollar? You will be surprised what you can buy for just One Dollar and here are a handful of them

.Com Domain

In the digital age you need a website. Not than long ago a website domain was quite expensive but today the vast majority of website companies offer a .com domain for $1. Actually, they charge less because a .com domain from Go Daddy for example is only 99 cents. Who knows, buying your .com domain for a dollar having saved at Lowes with a Lowes Printable Coupon could be the start of a rewarding online career

McDonalds Coffee

Still one of the best things you can buy for a Dollar is a McDonalds cup of coffee. The coffee is not bad, in fact McDonalds spend a lot of money of blending very good coffee and then passing it on for a Dollar a cup. So, if you have a spare Dollar and don’t think it goes far, think again and buy a McDonalds Coffee and give your life a very tasty kick and smile.

A Song

Nothing beats a good song to put a smile on your face and for under a Dollar you can purchase and download a song on iTunes. Yes, you can buy a song for a dollar and in many ways buying that song is like buying a few minutes of happiness.

Razor Blade

Yes, the Dollar Shave Club has changed the way men buy razor blades and for one whole dollar you can buy a high-quality razor blade that will give you the freshest, closest and smoothest shave you can imagine. The One Dollar Shave club knows how to make just One Dollar go a very long way!


A Scratch Card

You may be down to your last Dollar or you may just have a loose One Dollar bill in your pocket. Are you feeling lucky?  A money-winning scratch card costs only a dollar and if you are lucky you could scratch and win your way to a few thousand dollars

Whoever said that one dollar buys nothing anymore was not thinking straight. There is so much you can do with a single dollar that can bring some fun into your life. However, We Are Coupons is all about saving Money and if you want a few spare single dollar bills in your pocket simply use a Lowes Printable Coupon from us and save when you next shop instore at Lowes.

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