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How to Buy a Power Drill

How to Buy a Power Drill

A Power drill is not just a Power Drill. Lowes has many different types and makes of Power Drill and choosing the right one for you requires a little bit of thought. However, once you have chosen and take yourself down to your nearest Lowes Store you can use one of our amazing Lowes Money Off Coupons and buy the right power drill for less.

Cord or not a Cord? – that is the question

There are two major types of power drill, corded and cordless. Knowing which is best is essential. It may seem simple but when you really think about it is not so straight forward. Power, mobility and weight are all considerations in choosing a drill. Cordless Power Drills are extremely portable and have become a very popular choice precisely because of this. However, cordless power drills have one essential drawback and that is the battery life. The battery of a cordless drill does run out and it can take a while to recharge the drill. Temperature and how the drill is used both impact battery life.  Corded drills do not that this challenge but with these drills, the portability of the machine is restricted, furthermore if there is no mains power you cannot use a corded drill.  Many people opt for buying a cordless drill along with a spare battery and battery charger, some purchase more than one spare battery. All the pros and cons of corded versus cordless power drills can be explained to you in any Lowes Store.

Power Drill Capabilities

There are many standard features on nearly all power drills but considering the full spectrum of capabilities of the drill, specific to the tasks you need to perform is essential. A simple home use drill may need fewer capabilities than a drill that may be used professionally. The sizer of drill bits that a drill can take is an important consideration and understanding the differences between a ¼ inch. 3/8 inch and ½ inch drill – the size of the chuck or part that holds the drill bit – is vital, A ¼ inch drill is generally sufficient for general home use. The choice drill may also be determined by what you are drilling into, wood, cement, stone, steel and each of these require a different drill speed. Harder materials tend to require a slower drill speed with a lot more torque. If you know what you will be drilling into ask the helpful person at Lowes for the right drill. Once you know the drill you want to make sure you have your We Are Coupons Lowes Money Off Coupon and then purchase your drill for less.

Other features

Drills come with a wide array of different features such as different motors, guiding lights and lasers, adjustable handles, built-in spirit levels and more. To really help select the right power drill for your needs come in and handle the drills you are considering before you buy and of course use a Lowes Money Off Coupon to purchase your drill for less.

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