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How to wash your car - Part 2

In part one of how to wash your car we explained how not to wash you car. We mentioned that washing your car on a hot sunny day was not a bright idea and said you need to dry your car not let it dry. We also suggested that using a pressure washer was not ideal. Furthermore, we mentioned how a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons can save you money on looking after your car.  In this post we get down to cleaning your car properly.

Invest in the right stuff

One of the most important things to consider when washing your car is that there are certain car cleaning materials on this planet for a reason.  Car shampoo is a specialist cleaning detergent designed for cars and is far better than using the dish washing detergent from the kitchen. Using car shampoo you are taking car of the paintwork and bodywork of your car. That being said, certain  brands of quality shampoo that contain conditioner are also very good for your car. 

Washing and drying

Using a good quality sponge that has been manufactured for washing vehicles is highly recommended.  A good sponge will clean and lift dirt off your car better than any pressure washer and investing a few dollars in sponge purely for washing your car will pay off. Likewise, just as you use a good sponge to wash your car you need a good Chamois cloth to dry it with. There are real Chamois cloths and there are artificial ones, a real one does work much better and your car will dry beautifully.

Getting Down to Cleaning

Cleaning your car properly is not difficult. There are those enthusiasts who clean down to the point of using toothpicks but for a generally good clean that will be good for you and good for your car it is straightforward.  This is a very general guide to washing your car and is good enough for the average person who simply wants their car to look clean.

Step One:

Rinse using a hose to remove the bulk of the dirt and grit – remember park in the shade and try not clean on a hot sunny day!

Step Two:

Working  from the top down using a sponge, apply your shampoo or wash wax and work in and scrub  – make sure you follow the instructions on the bottle. A good car wash requires some effort and is a good workout.

Top Tip:

Rinse as you go. Instead of trying to wash the entire car in one go. Split the car into workable sections – roof and windows first, then the rear, left side, right side and finish with the bonnet.

Step Three:

Dry off using a good quality chamois or microfibre cloths – do not leave the car to stand and dry in  the sun.

Step Four:

Open the doors and trunk in turn, cleaning around the edges and side panels with a damp cloth.

Step Five:

Clean your wheels – use a brush or quality sponge (not the same sponge used to clean the bodywork) and a cleaning product made for cleaning wheels.

This is how easy washing your car is and now you know you can clean it and enjoy it.

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