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How to Choose Faucets for your Bathroom

How to Choose Faucets for your Bathroom

With so many different faucets around the home, it is easy to get some of them confused. Within the bathroom itself one can have bath and shower faucets, faucets at the sink, as well as shower and bidet. faucets. There are also different types of faucets depending on the type of sink you have. Lowes has a wide range of faucets of all types and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all of them.

Sink Faucet

This faucet is the most important one to understand because every bathroom has one. Whether you have a small bathroom or a large and luxurious master bathroom, there will be a sink faucet. When purchasing one it is first important to consider the type of sink you have.

Vessel sinks require a unique faucet.

Vessel sinks look like a bowl, or vessel, that sits on top of the counter. A faucet for a vessel sink needs a higher spout in order to reach the sink comfortably. This type of sink can also use a wall-mounted version as well. Sinks with pre-drilled faucet holes also give a good indication of what will fit within your space and you should purchase accordingly.

Sinks can be pre-drilled for two handle or single handle faucets. The industry standard for bathroom faucet inlet holes is 4 inches apart, although as bathrooms have increased in size some measurements can be as large as 8 inches. Sinks often offer the most decorative faucets in the entire bathroom, so it is a great opportunity to identify your style.


Shower and Bath Faucets


The shower or bath is another space in your bathroom where pre-drilled holes may determine the type of faucet you can install. If you have holes drilled for shower faucet handles, you may want to rule out purchasing a single handle faucet unless you want to redo the tiles as well. One of the easiest shower and bath faucets is the single handle because it adjusts pressure and heat with one motion. If there are children in the house this makes it much simpler for them to operate than the traditional two handle models.


In homes with a whirlpool or air tub, you will need specialized faucets that can be single handle and double handle versions. You can even install a waterfall faucet for an impressive feature that makes relaxing special. Shower and bath faucets can be purchased with finishes and in styles to match the rest of your bathroom for a fully coordinated look.


Bidet Faucets


Bidet faucets can also come in widespread two handle versions or single handle models. When you are purchasing your bidet it is important to figure out how many holes are drilled and what kind of faucet it will take. Once you know if you need a single or two handle model you can pick a model that will best match your décor and finishes.


Whatever kind of faucet you choose for any application, be sure to research carefully and consider quality and craftsmanship. You will then be sure to enjoy your faucet for years to come.


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