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How to Choose a Mirror in 5 Simple Steps

How to Choose a Mirror in 5 Simple Steps

Your mirror plays an important role in the overall look of your bathroom. It not only makes your bathroom look luxurious and beautiful but also makes your bathroom look bigger and spacious as well. Lowes has a fantastic selection of bathroom mirrors for every size and style of bathroom. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

There are plenty of designs and shapes of mirror available on the market to choose from. Proper selection of mirror is necessary to enhance the beauty of your bathroom while mirror also has to be functional within its setting/

But with so many designs, shapes and colors, it can be quite difficult to choose best mirror. Here are some simple tips to help you choose right mirror for your bathroom.


1- Easy to clean


You probably don't want to spend hours cleaning mirrors. Therefore, look for mirrors that can be cleaned easily. High quality mirrors are very easy to clean and they shine up streak free whereas low quality mirrors can take longer to clean and never seem to come up perfect.


2- Size Matters


You need to consider the size of your bathroom while buying mirror. A big mirror won't look good if the space is limited in a small bathroom. Iff your bathroom is large and has lot of space then having big framed mirror is great choice. You ideally need to  find a mirror that works with the length of your bathroom counter top.


3- Theme of your bathroom


A Mirror looks amazing if it matches the overall theme and design of your bathroom. For example if you bathroom is painted with dark colors a dark frame can work but a light frame can make the perfect contrast. Matching your mirror to the color of your tiles and flooring is vital.


4- Your Personal Style


Your personal style plays the most important role when it comes to choosing bathroom mirrors. A white framed mirror will makes you feel calm and relaxed or you may prefer to have frameless mirrors to keep your bathroom looking and feeling modern and fresh.   Your can go for something with an antique look and create that trendy aged look that so many people adore. Your personal preference will always shine through when choosing a mirror and if you  feel happy with your purchase the chance of regret later is reduced.


5- What is your Budget

Mirrors can vary dramatically in price and before going to buy your mirror, decide how much money you have available  and how much money you are willing  to spend. Deciding on your budget doesn't mean buying cheap products but it does mean buying quality product within your limits.


Choosing a bathroom mirror is not a tough task if you know what you want. It takes only couple of minutes to buy if you know what features you want. So take your time to figure out which features you want in your mirror and then buying process will be easy.




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