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How to Get your teen to cook

How to Get your teen to cook

Over the decades home depot have been helping moms design and build their ideal kitchen to feed their families. Savvy families have learned that shopping online at Home Depot with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon helps build the ideal kitchen cheaper and saves money on all the appliances and tools needed to cook fabulous meals. So, you have an amazing kitchen and now your babies are becoming teenagers, how do you get them to cook?

Talk to your Teen

The first thing you need to know about getting your teenager to start cooking in the kitchen is that you need to talk to them. It can be all so easy for teens to take your cooking and every meal for granted. Sitting around the table while eating is a great way to begin talking about food. Starting the conversation starts the process of getting your teens to cook. Call it clever manipulation if you like but this is where it all starts.

Create a meal plan with your teen

Involving your teenager in feeding the family is essential. A meal plan for a week helps a teen understand that food doesn’t just happen. Involving a teenager in choosing meals for the week and knowing what ingredients to buy is something they will value for the rest of their lives. This exercise will also get them to understand the cost of eating a meal and how long a particular meal takes to make – valuable life lessons indeed.

Let your teen choose the snacks

Teenagers are renowned for eating families out of house and home. This can all be prevented by getting your teens involved in choosing and buying snacks for the week. They will soon understand the cost of food, they will learn what snacks fill you up while remaining healthy.

Put your Teen in charge of cooking for a day or two

A really good way to encourage your teen to cook and appreciate food in the house is to put them in charge of meals for a day or two. Some teens will struggle with this and you may end up with beans on toast but they will soon realise that this is not a meal and will soon come to understand the importance of good food. When you praise your teen for cooking a good meal this means the world to them and before long they may want to invite friends over for a good meal.

Make the Kitchen Fun

No longer should the kitchen be a place of chores the kitchen needs to become a place of fun. Cook together, create recipes together and even plan meals based on leftovers. Have a challenge to see who can cook the best meal, Mom, Dad or the Teen.

Using these examples your teen will soon appreciate the kitchen as much as you do


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