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Smart Bathroom Gadgets you didn’t know you want

Smart Bathroom Gadgets you didn’t know you want

Home Depot used to be all about hammers and nails and stuff. Today Home Depot is as much about technology as it is DIY and construction. Smart everything is what today is about and Home Depot is catching on fast. Smart shopping at Home Depot means shopping online and saving money with a Home Depot Money off Coupon, but how do you make your bathroom smart?

Smart Toilet

From a bucket to a flush toilet the basics of a toilet have not changed in centuries. The bit everyone hates about a toiler is cleaning it and today we are more water aware and don’t want to use too much water when flushing either. But cleaning a toilet is essential to remain hygienic. To counter all out issues with toilet cleaning you can now install smart toilets that flush and clean themselves, some using Alexa and other just programmed. This means no more toilet cleaning and smelly toilet brushed in holders that attract germs. Yes there are such things as smart toilets for those who are now sniggering. Go ahead and take a look and Google “Smart Toilet”

Floating Bluetooth Speaker

You have heard of floating candles now you can have floating speakers. Many people like music in their bathroom but a lot of the so-called waterproof speakers and radios, Bluetooth or not, are pretty pathetic. Well the Ultimate Ears UE Boom change everything. With these amazing speakers you can now throw them in the bath and be surrounded by the sound of your favourite tunes in full High Definition. These are simply cool.

Smart Bathroom Scales

Scales that measure your weight are common in every bathroom but thanks to technology, and an obsession about health smart bathroom scales are here. There is a growing range of smart scales that measure not just your weight but also body fat and other vitals. All this information can be fed back into your phone or fitness device to give you an accurate idea of how you fitness routine is really working. The old joke used to be about scales that spoke your weight, today the joke is on you if you don’t have a set of smart scales in your bathroom.

Smart Mirrors

You really cannot escape technology and the connected world. Smart Mirrors and mirrors that convert to a TV were all once very futuristic but here in 2020 they have arrived. From dimming and lighting the mirror to now becoming a touch screen linked to your Wi Fi or phone your mirror keeps you connected to the world around you. It sounds great but I wonder if this is not the final frontier for those who use their bathroom as their sanctuary to switch off from everything?  The choice is yours but basically, your bathroom can today be as smart or not as you wish it to be.



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