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How to really clean your bathroom

How to really clean your bathroom

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Bathroom Cleaning

One task nearly everyone loathes is cleaning and bottom of the list for all cleaning jobs in bathroom cleaning. We all love our bathrooms to be clean and smelling fresh but few of us actually enjoy cleaning the bathroom. But, cleaning your bathroom isn’t all that bad and when you know how to clean it it doesn’t take a lot of time.  Here are a few simple hacks that can help you clean your bathroom better and perhaps help you enjoy the task just a little bit.

Clean the Sink and Bathtub

Everyone thinks you need special detergents and materials, even special powers to clean a sink or bath to the standards of a five star hotel. The truth is that all you need is some general purpose bathroom detergent and a damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean around the plug.  A wipe over with a good detergent will soon seen your bath and sink sparkle like new.

Clean Tile Grout

Cleaning tiles is easy for most people but cleaning that small amount of grout between the tiles is a pain in the you know where. There is a drop dead simple trick to cleaning this and all you need is a bucket of diluted bleach and an old tooth brush. With a little patience you can clean in between your tiles and leave them looking like you laid them yesterday.

Shiny Shower

Did you know that your shower is the dirtiest place in the bathroom?  Some may think the dirtiest place is the toilet but various tests and surveys have shown the shower is dirtier. Keeping your shower clean and shiny is easy. First make sure you wipe down the walls after you have showered. Second, leave the shower door open or shower curtain drawn back to let steam escape. Third, open a window if you have one.   If you have a shower curtain wash it or replace it regularly and to clean your glass door the housewives’ favorite, Vinegar is still a winner!

Clean the Faucets

People love their faucets to shine and try just about everything to clean them without success. The simplest solution in the world is to clean them with dish washing liquid. Dish washing detergent brings your bathroom faucets and showerheads to an immaculate shine that will amaze you and anyone who sees your bathroom.

Super Clean Toilet

Part of the trick to keeping a toilet clean and looking cleaner still is to avoid clutter around it. A tidy toilet is a clean toilet.  While all of us clean the inside of the toilet bowl regularly we often neglect the outside. Cleaning the outside of the toilet is vital and bicarbonate of soda works wonders here. 

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