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How to choose a fake Christmas Tree

How to choose a fake Christmas Tree

If there is one thing that forms the centerpiece of all Christmas décor in the home it has to be the Christmas Tree. While a lot of people still prefer a real tree many more are now opting for a fake Christmas Tree and Home Depot is the place to shop. Using a We Are Coupons Home Depot Discount Coupon you can save money buying your fake Christmas Tree when shopping online. But how do you choose a fake Christmas Tree?

Size Matters

As with any Christmas Tree size matters and having the right sized Christmas Tree for your home is important. Too small the tree looks lonely and your home looks bare. Too big and the Christmas tree takes over the home – some people want this!

There a various sizes of tree from miniature trees that sit on a desk, table or window sill through medium trees up to a couple of feet tall all the way to giant trees. Measuring the space you where you want the tree to go, making sure you account not only for height but width. This will help you find the right size of tree.


Unlike real Christmas Trees that only come in green, fake trees come is a range of colors and styles. Of course, there is the traditional green but you can choose pink, silver, white, purple, red and just about any color under the rainbow. There is no rule that says your Christmas tree must be green so you can go wild!

Choice of Material

Generally fake Christmas Trees are made from a choice of two materials, PCV or PE. PVC trees have greenery attached to wire branches while PE are full made branches that can even be sculpted. PE Trees generally look more realistic. You can also choose tinsel of feather trees, it is entirely up to you what you choose.

To Decorate or Not

Decorating the Christmas tree is very much tradition in many households the is part of Christmas. But times have changed, families are smaller, time is less and convenience is the in thing. Today you can buy a fake tree that you can decorate in the normal way or you can have pre-decorated trees that are pop up and go. Predecorated trees also make undecorating so much easier and convenience wins.

PreLit  or your own lights

As with decorating your tree you can now choose to have prelit trees that you simply pop up and plug in. No more tangled lights and no more broken bulbs to hunt down, you can simply. Lights can even be smart lights that change color or dance to music. Christmas trees have come on a long way since they once only grew in the forest!

Whatever tree you choose you will be happy and 2020 will be the happiest Christmas ever.


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