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How to Create a Book Nook in Your Home

How to Create a Book Nook in Your Home

Lowes loves helping people make a house a home and with a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons anyone can save money doing so. If you love reading, and don't have a dedicated space for this purpose, then creating a book nook in your home is definitely possible. A nook is a cozy and comfortable area in which you can enjoy your favorite book. Style it with plush textiles, scented candles, task or string lights, and art prints. Whatever makes you feel at home in your nook, you should put in.


Creating a reading nook

One of the first things to consider is seating. Depending on the size of the room and the person who will be using the space, a comfy chair or recliner can work well. Then, add plush pillows and a cozy blanket to complete the look. Putting some literary-themed accessories in the room will also make it more comfortable and appealing to the reader. If you have the room available, you can also hang some sheer curtains around the area.


Adding a rug

Adding a rug to your home's book nook will help anchor the space and add a touch of comfort. While books are the obvious accessory, a woven basket or cable knit blanket can add some texture and personality to your reading nook. If your nook has a carpet, a Moroccan style rug on top of it can give your reading nook a soft feel without competing with the rug in the attached bedroom.


Adding sconces

If you've ever dreamed of creating a quiet reading area, adding sconces to your home is a great way to do just that. These elegant lights will highlight the book shelves while also adding a touch of light. You can also consider adding gauzy drapes and a room divider for the finishing touches. For the bookshelf itself, consider incorporating candles and other literary themed accessories.


Choosing a bench

You've probably been searching for a bench for your home's reading nook for quite some time. After all, a reading nook is a place where you can relax and read. It's even more inviting if it's located near a window so that you can take advantage of natural light while reading. However, if you don't want to invest a lot of money in a bench for your book nook, you can always opt for a more practical reading bench.


Choosing a love seat

The most important component of a book nook is a comfortable spot to read. A love seat, armchair, or bench with plenty of pillows will do the trick. You should choose seating that encourages reading, and the right lighting will make the reading experience enjoyable. Use natural light and a reading lamp, if possible, but make sure it isn't so bright that you feel strain while reading.

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