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Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home for Easter - Part 3

Fun Ways to Decorate Your Home for Easter - Part 3

Lowes has everything you need to love your home. With a Lowes Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons loving your home, and Easter, costs less. Easter is a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the onset of spring. The season is a time to welcome new life and brighten up your home decor with pretty pastels and bursting blooms.



Add a Touch of Spring to Your Hallway

While many of us may associate Easter with fun traditions such as egg hunting and dyeing eggs, the holiday also has deeper meaning. For those of the Christian faith, it's a time to remember and celebrate Jesus' resurrection.


For those who don't observe the Christian religion, or simply prefer to celebrate the holiday with friends and family, there are plenty of fun ways to decorate your home for this special holiday. From decorating your hallway to decorating your dining room, there are plenty of ways to add a little spring to your home this year!


A pretty, fresh wreath will be a welcome touch to any door. All you need are some live wreath forms, a bit of loose soil and moss, and florist wire.


To make this wreath even more beautiful, try adding some flowers or greenery to the arrangement. A mix of succulents, tulips and spring bulbs will add the perfect amount of color and cheer to your front entrance.


If you have a fireplace mantel or side table, you can easily add a little Easter flair with painted eggs. These colorful items are a fun way to spruce up any space in your home and will instantly make it more festive.


The dining room is one of the most important rooms in your house, so it's essential to decorate it with special Easter touches. You can even create a festive centerpiece for the table that will make everyone's eyes light up when they see it.


Add a Religious Touch

Decorating your home for Easter can be a fun and exciting task. But if you’re looking to make this holiday more about your faith, you may want to add some religious touch points to your décor.


A simple sign with a message from the Bible or an elegant cross is one way to add a touch of religiosity to your decor without going overboard. These decorations are the perfect size to fit on a mantel, shelf or ledge, and they’ll serve as a reminder of Christ’s resurrection for years to come.


Another idea is to create an outdoor display featuring a variety of springtime elements, such as tulips, bunnies and chicks. These are some of the most common symbols of Easter, so they’ll fit in with your existing home decor.


The best way to decide what you’re looking for is to think about how your family feels during this time of year. Do you resonate with the unbridled joy of knowing Jesus has risen or the peace that comes from knowing that God will take care of you?


Using these ideas, you’ll be able to create a meaningful and inspiring home for the entire family to enjoy. You’ll also have the chance to share your beliefs with others. And, you can even use some of these ideas to create a memorable gift for those special people in your life!

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