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The Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the Home

The Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the Home

If there is one thing that has many of us talking it is the rising cost of energy. Saved from a lot of the pain that Europe is battling with the US still nonetheless has seen rising prices.  Saving money is essential and a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are coupons certainly plays its part when shopping for the home.  But where is most of your energy used at home?

Most Energy Consuming Appliances

The Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the American Homes are the television, furnace, dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator. These appliances are responsible for the majority of the energy use in the home. Even some small ones can add up to a large amount of electricity use. Ceiling fans, for example, may have a low electric load, but are on for long periods of time. Hair dryers, on the other hand, can have an enormous electrical load. Both kinds of appliances can significantly increase your monthly bill.

Heating and Cooling

Another major source of energy consumption is heating and cooling equipment. In fact, 47% of the energy consumed by these appliances is spent on heating and cooling. Inefficient electric baseboard heaters should be replaced with heat pumps or gas heaters. The same goes for water heaters, which can significantly increase your electricity bills. By following these tips, you can reduce the energy consumption of your water heaters and other appliances.

Energy Saving

The Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the American Houses - The Top 5 Electricity Consumers Must Eliminate Today! The U.S. Energy Information Administration estimates that a typical household uses more than a kilowatt-hour per day, which means it's time to invest in an energy-efficient system. The energy savings will be substantial and will help you save money on energy bills.

The Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the American Homes - What You Need to Know About The Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the U.S. Home - How Much Does Every Appliance Use? Listed below are the Most Energy Consuming Appliances in the U-S. Homes! Listed by Category and Type of Energy Usage, the Top 5 in the U.S. can drastically impact your household's electric bill.


Electronics - The appliances in your home that use the most electricity are the computers, TVs, and dishwashers. Most of them account for 41.3% of the total energy consumption in the U.S. but there are some ways to reduce their energy consumption. The most common electronic appliances in the US are the clothes washer and tumble dryer. In addition to the computer, the dishwashers and microwaves are the most energy-consuming items in the American home.

Electricity- Consuming Digital Entertainment: Electronic devices like televisions, video games consoles, cable boxes, and video games consume electricity. A 300-watt television, for example, would use 438 kWh of energy per year and cost $60 in electricity. Gaming consoles can use anywhere from 40 to 289 kWh per year. A gaming console can add another $40 to your yearly bill. Most electronic items in the American home also consume energy while they are in standby mode.


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