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Child-Friendly Home Projects

Child-Friendly Home Projects

Home Depot loves helping families make their house a home.  With Kids around getting them involved in home maintenance is always a good thing and there are plenty of tasks where this is possible.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can find plenty of tasks to around the home and save money doing so.  But what tasks can you really do with the kids or even leave them to it?

Tidy Up

Top of the list for kids home maintenance tasks is perhaps the one they hate the most. Tidying up the home, or even just a room is something any child can do with minimal supervision.  This may not be the most enjoyable task on its own but it is an important one. Tidying can also be part of the preparation for another task or is can be the final stage of a task allowing any child to feel part of the job.

Growing Green

Another home maintenance task, if you can call it a task, is to create an indoor garden.  A small indoor gardening project is something that can bring nature indoors which is very much a home design trend at present. Furthermore, such a project helps kids to understand the science behind how plants grow, many school science classes have something in this vein. If your son or daughter has a love of plants any task that involves planting, pruning and watering will never seem like a chore and will really be helpful around the house.


Your child can help you hang, frame and, most importantly, choose the photographs you have in your home. You could create a collage or you can simply change the photos in some frames, very often up to date photographs can add a magical touch to any home. You can also teach your child how to safely place a photo on a wall using double sided tape.  Creative kids will love this task.

Create a Book Nook

Kids of all ages love books and creating a space in the home that has been set aside for reading and the storage of books is something any child will love.  The value found in books and the joy they bring is fully discovered with a book nook. It doesn’t have to be anything as massive a library, a place with a few shelves, somewhere comfy to sit and read or be read to and it is complete. 

A Drawing Wall

This is the ultimate kid-friendly project.  Creating a drawing wall, a wall on which your child or children (and adults) can draw on and express themselves is perhaps the coolest family friendly thing you can imagine. This has two purposes, it creates a fun open space for free expression and secondly it prevents kids from drawing on other walls in the house.

A kid friendly house and getting kids involved with home maintenance is important and it is so easy to do. These are just a few ideas, there are many more and all you need do is think like a kid!


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