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Weekend Carpentry Projects - Part 1

Weekend Carpentry Projects - Part 1

Lowes has everything you need to work on your home and improve it, With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons looking after your home costs less. If you've been thinking of improving your backyard and need some carpentry skills, you may want to consider easy carpentry projects. Some of these projects are very inexpensive and can be completed in a weekend. For example, building a pergola is a great project to try if you want a shady place to relax. Pergola plans are widely available and can be built quickly and cheaply if you use inexpensive materials and a little carpentry expertise.



Building a deck

If you love spending time outside, building a deck is a great weekend carpentry project. You can build a simple deck for under $20 with basic tools and a little experience. A 3-foot level is an essential tool. Use it to make sure the board is level. Next, attach a drip edge to protect the ledger board from the elements. The drip edge is a metal piece that is slipped under the siding lip and bent over the edge of the ledger board.


Pallet boards can be a great way to build a deck for a budget. You can buy them from a pallet supplier, but make sure to check them for splinters. Also, you should coat or cover them with outdoor mats to protect them from the elements.


Building a fence

Building a fence for your backyard or property is one of the easiest carpentry projects you can take on over a weekend. This project involves putting up posts in your yard, but there are a few things that you should know before you start. First, you'll need to lay out the fence. After you know the exact length of your fence, you can lay out the pickets. After you've laid out your pickets, you'll want to attach them to the posts with a 1x1 cleat. Make sure to use a spirit level to check the level of the screws.


If you want a DIY project, consider building a split-rail fence. It's one of the easiest fences to construct, because you only need to drill post holes spaced about 10 feet apart. This fence also doesn't require any cutting, which can save you money and time. You can find patterns in nature and in architecture that will help you design the fence of your dreams. You can also check out timeless methods in books like The Timeless Way of Building.

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