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How to design a room like a pro in 5 steps

How to design a room like a pro in 5 steps

At Home Depot all Americans know they can get all the DIY and home improvement materials and tools they need.  With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon you can save a lot of money of the essentials you need for your home and more.  But what about interior design?  Interior Design is something many think only the wealthy can afford but this is not quite true. You can become your own interior designer following these 5 tips.

The Power of Odd Numbers

One thing that all interior designers understand is the power of odd numbers.  When designing your space, grouping things in odd numbers creates a certain harmony. Grouping by different size, color and style in odd numbered groups is a simple trick that many of the best interior designers put down to their skill at making any space look amazing with ease.

Sixty Thirty Ten

When it comes to color, all interior designers work to a rule of 60-30-10  to get the balance of color, light and shade right. There is clear logic behind the color scheme of a well designed space that you can recreate with ease.  Sixty percent of the design should be the dominant colour, this is generally a neutral shade or color.  Thirty pecent of the color scheme, often furniture items and usually a more usually a bolder color takes up the rest leaving 10 percent for accessories, rugs and smaller items.  Using this simple rule of thumb a room ends up looking clean and intentionally planned.

Know or make a focal point

An eyecatching feature,  a piece of furniture or even a painting hung in a specific location all become focal point. The focal point may even be the view outside if you are lucky enough. Whatever feature the focal point is you should build the design of the room around it.  Working outwards and way from and even inwards toward the focal point or architectural features is where the real artistry of a room or space is created

The Importance of negative spaces

Every room has negative spaces, these are the pieces of a design that allow the room to breathe. Negative spaces are very often the large empty spaces, often painted white or a plain color on walls. These spaces should be cluttered with art or mirrors and should ideally not be hidden by furniture. Respecting the negative space often gives a room a voice and a personality.

Common Measurements Matter

There are certain elements of room that are always close to the same size in any room. Knowing such standard measurements makes a room easy to create and design and ensures the room remains functional while looking good. Artwork should hang between 48 and 60 inches from the floor Is one common measurement. Curtains should be hung 4 inches above the window. These simple measurements will always make a room look perfect




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