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Fifferent Types of Locks Around the Home

Fifferent Types of Locks Around the Home

Home Depot has many different types a locks for your home. With a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on all of them, Locks are used for security purposes, and there are many different types. These locks include keyed, deadbolts, lever handles, and magnetic locks. Learn more about them in this article. You may be wondering what they are, what they do, and how to use them.


Keyed locks

There are a number of advantages of keyed locks around the home. For one, having one key for every lock in your home can simplify your life. Having a single key for all your locks means that anyone with the key will be able to access every area of your home. The disadvantage is that if you lose a key, you'll have to rekey all your locks.



Deadbolts have many uses, from securing the front door to providing additional security inside the house. Most homeowners use single cylinder deadbolts to secure the front door, but there are other types that can be used indoors.


Lever handles

There are different types of locks, and they serve varying purposes. For instance, there are deadbolt locks and lever handle locks. A deadbolt lock has a cylinder that sits on the outside of the door and is easily turned, while a lever handle lock has a handle on the inside. Lever handle locks are popular on interior doors in homes and commercial buildings, and they are easy to operate. While they don't provide as strong a defense against intruders as a deadbolt, they are often paired with a deadbolt lock.


Magnetic locks

Magnetic locks are devices that use a magnetic field to open doors. This force is created by electrons in metal atoms, primarily iron, nickel, and cobalt. These metals form magnetic fields with many different configurations, including single poles, multiple poles, and chaotic poles. Magnetic locks are used for commercial and residential applications, and the holding force varies depending on the type of lock and the number of metal components inside the magnet.


Push button locks

Push button locks are a great way to secure your home. They can be used for both exterior and interior doors and can add a sense of privacy to any room. They are great for bedrooms and office doors as they help create a more private space.


Bolt style locks

Bolt style locks around the home are a good way to add extra security to your home. These locks typically work by locking automatically when the door is closed. These locks are a good choice if you want to add extra security to your home without breaking the bank. They also feature a striking plate that can be replaced if it becomes damaged.


Double cylinder deadbolts

Deadbolts come in two types: single cylinder and double cylinder. Single cylinder deadbolts are most suitable for residential use, while double cylinder deadbolts are better for commercial buildings. Both types have their own advantages, though double cylinder deadbolts are better suited for doors with glass and windows

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