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How to make your home safer

How to make your home safer

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Home Security

Home Security is something that concerns all of us and is something many people make a priority in their life.  You can go and spend a fortune on a fancy home security system but there are a few ways to make your home safer that cost very little. Here are 5 ways to make your home safer.

Lock Your Doors

Even when you are at home one way to keep your home safe is to lock your doors. There are many people who can tell a tale or two about finding a stranger in their home. To keep unwelcome guests out simply locking your doors, and windows, prevents this.  Making sure your locks are working and knowing where your keys are and who has them makes a big difference to home security.  If you have any worries about your locks or keys it is a quick and easy task to replace any locks.

Landscape your Garden

Your garden make look beautiful when it is all leafy and green but this same beauty can be a perfect hiding place for a criminal. So clever gardening and pruning with safety in mind can ensure your garden looks great but is not a shelter for criminals.  Enhancing your curb appeal can also make your home safer and taler plants in the right place can prevent prying eyes from looking in.

Keep Valuables Hidden

Many thieves are opportunistic.  With your blinds open they can see straight into your house and this means they can see what you have on offer.  Keeping valuables and electronics such as phones, tablets and laptops out of sight keeps your home safer. Drawing curtains when out or ensuring nothing of value is left in plain sight keeps your home safer by making it less of a target.

Make your Home Look Lived in

A great way to keep your home safer is to a maintain a lived in look.  Just a like a scene from Home Alone you can set timers to turn lights on and off to give the impression someone is at home. Never let mail pile up, get a neighbor to collect it if you are away.  If you are away and it snows have someone clear your path and drive. Simple things cost very little but improve safety dramatically.

Invest in a security system

In the introduction we mentioned about spending a fortune on a home  security system. You don’t need to spend a fortune on security but spending some money on the basics will help keep your home safe. Simple security lights and even an alarm need not cost a fortune.


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