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Home Decor Trends for 2022

Home Decor Trends for 2022

2021 has flown by in a flash and 2022 is almost upon us.  Lowes has been there for many people, helping keep homes maintained and looking good.  Some people have used a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons to maintain their homes.  Many people kept an eye on trends and styles predicted at the end of 2020 and brought them into their homes in 2021.  Next year will be no different and people will do their best to make their homes look good and keep up with, or at least be inspired by the predicted trends and styles for the year.  What will some of these trends be?

Naturally Nice

Nature has been the inspiration for a lot of home design ideas throughout 2021 and this trend looks set to continue well into 2022. Natural textures and materials with the warm and soft hues and tones will ensure your home and any setting is stylish is a timeless manner. Leather, wood, stone and  more will all be very stylish into 2022.

Warm Fresh Colors

Many designers believe that warm fresh colors will be the top choices in 2022. Gentle warm purples and blues with pastels and warm and cheerful yellow and orange. It will not be about boldness but all about a blanket of joyful and always fresh color to bring any interior to life.  Of course whites and natural colors will look great but you can be brave with color and make your home look amazing all year round.

Old is New

Antiques are something many people wish they knew more about. Finding a priceless desk or chair in the trash is something many dream of. Antiques do not have to be priceless and many homes will see antique items becoming features and focal points of their rooms and indeed the entire space. Incorporating some good quality antique furniture, chests of drawers, a chair or a table looks set to be a real trend in 2022 making old new and bring a real touch of class to any interior.

Textured Furniture

It is all too easy to keep walls clear of clutter and keep things looking clean and fresh.  However, 2022 looks set to be the year of textured surfaces and furniture. Texture invites a person into a room or setting, the same texture encourages touch and use making a room wonderful and enjoyable. A blend of different textures will be something of a fashion statement in the year ahead.

Home Office Upliftment

As the COVID pandemic looks set to linger for at least another year work from home will still be the way of work for the year ahead. For this reason home office upliftment making a workspace more comfortable and hopefully more productive looks set to be a big trend for the year ahead. 

All of these ideas can come to life along with many others and make 2022 your best year ever.

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