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Renovations to make when selling your home

Renovations to make when selling your home

When you move house there are some renovations and maintenance jobs you should do. There are also plenty of jobs not to do. Lowes has all the tools and materials you need to do, or not do, any of these jobs. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on them all. So, what are the jobs and renovations you should do when selling your house?

Bedroom Cabinets

Many realtors suggest that the bedroom of a any property are a selling point. Having plenty of build in cabinets and closets make a house more saleable and even worth more. One renovation job to really do before you sell is to boost your cabinets. Some new doors, or at least a coat of paint and some new hinges and create doors that open into what feels like plenty of storage is a must!

Spruce up the kitchen

In some cases a completely new kitchen  make a great deal of sense when selling a property. But you don’t have to go the whole hog. You can simply upgrade and replace the cabinets and perhaps some tiles to give the appearance of a new kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home and you need to make it feel welcoming and warming. You do not have to spend a fortune doing this.

A lick of paint

A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference. Many realtors suggest removing wallpaper as some designs are not to everyone’s taste. Paint rooms in neutral colors so as to appeal to wider tastes. Avoid painting with bright colors so as to make the house warm and welcoming in every room.

Upgrade Garage Doors

This is one that many people overlook. Installing or upgrading you garage doors makes an immediate impression for prospective buyers. It is believed that an upgraded garage door can have up to 98%  return on investment when selling any home.

Upgrade your lighting

Spending some money on new, energy efficient lighting throughout the house makes a difference.  Good lighting makes a house come alive, LEDs are affordable and where possible include dimmer switches or even smart controls. Av well lit home sells faster for better prices.

Make your bathroom shine

Just have you have spruced up your kitchen so you should spruce up your bathrooms when selling you home. Some new faucets, new tiles and lick of paint make a bathroom look amazing. Ensure heater rails are working and make sure all caulking is fresh and clean. Spending no more than and couple of hundred dollars in your bathrooms can make all the difference. Think water saving and install a water saving showerhead, this will make a difference.

These are just a handful of things you should do before or when selling your home. Coming up next are those things you should skip and not do.

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