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How to maintain your home for under $300 a year

How to maintain your home for under $300 a year

Keeping your home in tip top condition is a priority and today everyone is on a tighter budget than ever.  Basic home maintenance need not cost a fortune, Home Depot have been proving this for years and yet you can undertake the basics in your home for less than $300 a year. Using a Home Depot Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons helps tremendously but in general there are a few tips that help you maintain your home for $300 a year or less. Here are some top tips for maintaining your home for $300 or less for a year.

A Close Look at your home

Standing back and admiring your home is one thing but getting up close to your home is where money is saved. Checking for an filling small cracks and sealing them is needed is quick and easy. Soil grading is something to keep an eye on and should slope away at least 6 inches per 10 feet away from a wall. Downspouts can was away soil or pour into foundations where there is a lack of proper drainage for a couple of dollars a downspout extension is a wise investment.

Keep an eye on plants, especially trees and bushes growing close to your house. Roots can cause ground damage and branches can cause window damage in windy weather.

A close up inspection of your roof can identify potential damage, a lifted or broken shingle can cause untold damage. Cleaning and clearing your gutters also costs nothing.

Keep Water and Damp Out with Caulk

Water damage is a nightmare and yet the fix or rather prevention is easy and cheap. Caulk is an impressive material that for under $25 a year seals all those cracks and crevices where water can leak through and into. Caulk also seals cracks where air can escape into or out of making your heating inefficient.  A regular six monthly inspection  of your caulking ensure you can apply fresh waterproofing where your caulk has dried and crumbled or apply new where you spot new areas caulk can be applied. This task only takes an hour or two and costs next to nothing keeping your home safe and well maintained.

A Facial for your property

A good-looking property means a lot and keeping on top of painting and general wall repairs costs very little. Touching up peeled or cracked paint with color matching paint costs very little and a easy to do, a good can of paint for this will cost around $20. Replacing any mortar costs less than $10 and of course sealing cracks and holes costs very little too.  A good clean of your exterior and interior walls is a simple and affordable form of maintenance too.

HVAC and Furnace

Keeping on top of things with your HVAC and Furnace costs very little. Changing a few filters is relatively easy but having a professional service and clean need only cost $175 a year if you do it right.


All these simple things keep your home well maintained, safe and happy and it all costs under $300 a year.


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