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How to Maintain your home on a budget

How to Maintain  your home on a budget

Money is very tight for everyone and every homeowner need to maintain his or her home. For decades Home Depot has been helping homeowners maintain their homes for less. We Are Coupons has helped homeowners do it for even less when shopping online with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon.  However, how od you really maintain your home on a budget properly?

Essential or Nice to Have

Perhaps the biggest way to maintain your home on a budget is to differentiate between what you really need and what is a nice to have. Simple tasks that cost little money and the basics such as touching up paint and replacing a faucet or door handle are closer to essential. Replacing a carpet or an entire floor and even replacing doors are expensive options and fall in to the nice to have category. If you can live with your old carpets, then you can live and save money.


Prioritizing between essential maintenance and vanity can save you money. Put a list together of what you need to do, revert back to essential or nice to have. If some items will see your house falling into disrepair address those first and if they are big and expensive tasks it may be worth starting to save. Leaking doors and windows, broken faucets and such like should be near the top of your list. A kitchen remodel may fall near the bottom.

Do a bit at a time

A great way to maintain your home on a budget it to do things a bit at a time and in small affordable steps. Keeping on top of the small things such as dripping faucets, door painting, replacing light fittings all begin to make a big impact on saving money while maintaining you house well.

Plan and Budget

Never just rush into ant maintenance. It makes sense to plan and set a budget while looking around at prices. Taking your time to set a budget and shop around the for the best deals and offers is one of the top ways to maintain your home on a budget. If you have big tasks you may need to break these down into smaller, more affordable bit-sized chunks. There is never a rush to get things done, home maintenance is not a race and planning and budgeting will always result in a superb outcome.


Some things that you need to maintain or repair may be covered by insurance. You pay a lot of money each year for insurance and many people overlook this. If something needs replacing, especially if it has been damaged, checking your insurance first could save you a stack load of hard cash.

Keeping these few things in mind will help you maintain your home on a budget and your home and you will be happier for it.

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