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Features that make a home Kid-Friendly

Features that make a home Kid-Friendly

Home Depot has been helping American families make homes their favorite places for many years. Making your home kid-friendly is important, especially with younger kids and Home Depot has all you need to make this so. With a Home Depot Money Saving Coupon from We Are Coupons you save money on making your home child-friendly and more.  But what are the top 5 features that make a home kid-friendly?

Semi-Gloss Paint

Kids are messy, not all of the time but some of the time. Walls that are washable but don’t look like they are coated with plastic are important. For this, semi-gloss paint is the solution.  Semi-Gloss paint is a joy for homeowner who have kids.  Tomato sauce, dirt, crayon and more can all make a mess of your walls and with Semi-Gloss paint the vast majority of your mess can be washed off with ease. There is a wide range of semi-gloss paints on the market and you are not limited to boring “Kid friendly” colors either. So, if you have kids and want to paint your walls go for semi-gloss paint and win!

Lockers and Coat Cubbies

Kids have stuff and keeping their stuff stored out of the way and tidy is not their forte. Coat hangers are fine but kids stuff goes beyond coats. Schools have lockers for kids to store their stuff in a similar idea can be applied in the home to make it kid-friendly. Without having to be as industrial and the steel, unbreakable and lockable lockers of school you can fit some wonderful lockers and cubbies for your kids, and adults, to store things in and tuck things away easily. Installing these in your mudroom is something you will never regret doing!

Practical Furniture

With kids around you need to think carefully about the furniture in your house.  Kid-friendly furniture does not need to be boring but it does need to be practical.  The furniture you have does not have to be old either, we are all led into the thinking that cheap old furniture is ok as the kids can wreck it all they like. No, choose strong and wipeable materials, even leather can work with kids. Your house does not have to become something that you can’t enjoy just because you have kids.

Wise Fabrics

Curtains, rugs, carpets and flooring all need to be thought about carefully when you have kids.  Fabrics take a battering when kids are around. Even duvets and blankets get treated rougher by kids and there are certain fabrics you need to avoid and some you should choose:

Blankets and Sheets etc should be machine washable

Choose light colors – your items will we washed often and with light colors fading is not an issue

Synthetic Fibres -  often synthetic fibres wear better!

Heavy weave fabrics – again just stronger

Dark stain-resistant carpets – a sensible choice


Finally, the best kid-friendly features for any home is storage. In addition to the lockers and cubbies above having plenty of practical storage around the home for kids is the key to having a kind friendly home!


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