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How to paint cupboard doors

How to paint cupboard doors

One way to give your kitchen a good as new facelift is to paint the cupboards. It is essentially an easy DIY task and one that will amaze you once completed. To paint your kitchen cupboards a quick visit to Lowes with a Lowes Printable Coupon will save you a ton of money on this DIY task. Here is how to paint kitchen cupboards.

You will need





putty knife



rubber gloves

spring punch



combination square

clean dry cloth

fine-grit sandpaper


tinted primer



masking tape


cabinet hardware

trisodium phosphate (TSP)

wood filler







Step 1: Remove the doors

The first step to painting your kitchen cupboard doors is to remove the doors from the cabinet.  Once removed you must then remove all hardware, handles, knobs and so on, and place them in labelled plastic bags. Also number the door and not its position in the kitchen.

Step 2:  Clean the doors and cabinets

Kitchens get dirty easily and grease soon penetrates deeper than you think. Step 2 in painting your kitchen cupboards is to give the cabinets and doors a really deep clean and remove any grease or grime.

Step 3: Repair damage

Cupboard doors can  easily become dented and damaged. Where there are holes, fill them with wood filler and smooth over and leave to dry

Step 4:  Sand Down

Once the filler has dried the next step is to sand down the cupboard door.  For a really effective job you should sand down all edges of each door you are going to repaint using either an electric sander or sandpaper block. Once sanded vacuum the doors off to remove all excess dust and then wipe the doors down.


Step 5: Apply Primer

Even though there are many all-in-one paints on the market, for a professional finish you should apply primer to surfaces you are going to paint.  Primer provides the perfect foundation for high gloss paints, ensuring they adhere to the surface fully.

Step 6:  Apply Topcoat

Next apply the topcoat of paint, ideally a semi-gloss latex paint should be used as this is not only the style at the moment but it is also a good protective paint for anything in the kitchen. Allow the paint to dry and apply a second coat – it will be needed!

Step 7:  Refit the hardware

The penultimate step is to fit the hardware back on the door.  Fitting these correctly is important and should only be done once the painted door has been given 24 hours to dry.

Step 8:  Rehang the door

The final step in painting your kitchen cupboard doors it to rehang the doors. Fitting them tightly using the original fixing points as a guide to make the cupboards fit as good as new.

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