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A Green Reboot for your Home

A Green Reboot for your Home

Every home needs a reboot especially when we have lived with the same things for years or even decades. Going green is the way to go and of course Home Depot is going green in many areas of its store too. We Are Coupons helps you save money on going green with Home Depot when shopping online with a Home Depot Money Off Coupon.  But how can you give your home a green reboot?  Here are a few ideas…

In the laundry

The biggest reboot you can make and make your home greener is to cut down on using the dryer. Simple thing such as wearing clothes more than once before washing and hanging washing up to dry rather than using the machine are both simple ideas. Creating hanging space in your laundry room to dry your clothes is a superb DIY job and not only will you go greener but you will save money too. Another small green tip when you do use your dryer is to stop using dryer sheets and start using wool dryer balls with just a drop of fragrant oil. 


Home Depot has a wide range of green or greener cleaning products and moving over to these can make a big difference to your lifestyle. However, if you look under your sink you will perhaps see it is not exactly tidy and there perhaps a number of almost empty detergent bottles. There is a growing trend in using natural cleaning products such as bicarbonate of soda, vinegar and lemon. Cleaning out the almost used bottles you create your own green cleaning solutions complimented by the green products from Home Depot. Furthermore, re-using old detergent bottles cuts down on waste. Go green to clean will leave you feeling good about yourself.


A superb green reboot in your home is to reboot how you organize your stuff. Many homes are littered with items that are perfect for giving your home storage a green reboot. From glass jars to cardboard boxes many homes can upgrade their storage or better declutter their home at almost no cost at all. This is thrifty but also trendy and your house can become more tidy and less cluttered when you put recycled items into use for storage.

Green Carpets and Rugs

Most of us don’t think twice about just buying a nice rug for a room. But many cheap rugs are made for materials that are not good for the planet. By spending a few more dollars you can invest in more natural rugs that will actually last a lot longer. This is a simple pause think and ask idea and you can make your home greener and warmer with ease knowing you have been kind to the planet.

Fast Furniture

Plastic seems to be everywhere today especially when it comes to furniture. We all know plastic furniture has a short lifespan and will always end up in the bin. So, for the final green reboot of your home consider buying non-plastic furniture. Firstly it will last longer, secondly it will look amazing and thirdly it will, if made for responsibly produced materials, save the planet


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