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5 things a contractor can tell you about your HVAC system

5 things a contractor can tell you about your HVAC system

Home Depot is the go-to store for many American families when it comes to looking after their home.  With a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save a lot of money on many things and make home maintenance less expensive. One aspect of a home many of us take for granted is our HVAC system.  We really on our HVAcS to keep us warm and cool but there many things you may not know. Here are some things a contractor has to say about your HVAC that may help you a lot.

How often should a homeowner be maintaining their HVAC system?

When an HVAC system goes wrong repairs are costly. Contractors recommend diligent on-going maintenance and that the air filters be replaces every three months or more if they get clogged up. A good clean of the coils and clearing dust from the vents is essential maintenance to ensure your HVAC has a long and happy life. It makes sense to pay for a professional HVAC inspection at least once a year.

Are Air Conditioning units getting bigger?

No.  It may seem like air con units are getting bigger, and they shouldn’t be a houses do not grow or get larger unless an extension is added.  However, HVAC systems are becoming vastly more efficient and smart controls are helping homeowners save money when heating and cooling their homes. Efficiency and cleverness are making HVAC system better and perhaps pushing the price up a little but the investment always pays off.

What simple things can extend the life of an HVAC system?

HVAC systems can last many years when maintained properly.  Simple maintenance such as regular vent cleaning can make all the difference. Keeping return vents clear of dusty objects helps extend the longevity of your HVAC machine. Outside, keeping any debris or overhanging bushes or trees away from the vents makes all the difference and it is simple to keep on top of this.

What are the two biggest HVAC mistakes made by homeowners?

According to many contractors there are two common and potentially harmful mistakes made by HVAC users.  The first is the use if so called “Heavy Duty Coil Cleaners”. In 99% of all HVAC systems little more than normal water from a hosepipe is all that is needed to clean the coils of your HVAC system. No only does this work well but the Heavy Duty Coil Cleaners can be harmful to the coils they are cleaning. The second mistake is using what are referred to HEPA filters. HEPA filters can prove lethal with furnaces as they restrict air flow. Many contractors recommend standard filters that are more than  adequate and cost far less.

How do I know my HVAC is about to give up?

Rising humidity levels are usually a sign your HVAC system needs a major service or is on its last legs.  Keeping an eye on humidity is essential when  you have an HVAC system.  Furthermore, any worrying noises from your system should be investigated quickly. Noising HVAC systems are generally coming close to the end of their life.

Overall your HVAC system is an expensive and important piece of kit. Looking after it well and maintaining it regularly should give you many trouble-free years of use! VAC HV


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