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How Babyproof Your Home

How Babyproof Your Home

Lowes knows that having a baby is the happiest thing in the world. If you have a new baby or are expecting, there are many things you can do to protect your home from accidents. You should not leave your children alone in the house, and it is crucial that you lock doors and windows. It is also important to use safety latches and locks for cabinets. In addition, you should always keep cleaning products and medicines out of reach. With a Lowes Money Off Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save money on everything you need to babyproof your home.


Stair gates

Stair gates are an important way to babyproof your home. They will prevent your child from falling down the stairs, but they can also keep them from entering dangerous areas. It is important to choose a gate that will be difficult for your child to dislodge, yet secure enough for adults to open. When babyproofing your home, be sure to choose a gate that is made from current safety standards. Older styles of gates may have "V" shapes that could trap a child if they were to fall.



One of the best ways to keep your child safe is by locking all doors. This way, your baby cannot reach the items inside them and they can't get hurt. You can also install a child-proof lock on the cabinet that contains cleaning products, medicine, or other dangerous items.


Safety latches

When you have a child, baby proofing your home is essential to ensure their safety. Using safety latches on cabinets and windows will help prevent your baby from opening them. These latches can help prevent injuries and messes.


Liquid laundry packets

One way to baby-proof your home is to store liquid laundry packets in separate containers and store them out of reach of small children. It is also important to store laundry products in their original containers. When storing laundry packets, make sure to label them clearly and store them in an area that is out of sight and reach of children.


Corner guards

One of the best ways to babyproof your home is to use corner guards. These are flexible and soft, and they can be placed on almost any corner, including corners of furniture. Some corner guards are transparent and easy to install. Others are made of foam or fabric.


Locks on door knobs

One way to babyproof your home is to install locks on door knobs. These devices are plastic pieces that fit into the door handle track. When locked, they won't open more than 3 inches, which keeps your baby in the house while allowing fresh air to enter. Locks can also be disengaged, so they can be removed for a period of time if you need to.


Latches on drawers

Latches on drawers are a great way to babyproof your home. The spring latch locks have a secure locking mechanism that is not easily disengaged. They can be installed on cabinet doors or drawers using an adhesive tape. They come with a "key" that works by pushing down both sides of the latch while holding the latch in place. These locks can be installed on a wide range of cabinet sizes and are easy to install. Some models come with drill holes.


Locks on door handles

Locks on door handles are an easy way to baby-proof your home. They are easy to install and remove without causing any damage to your home or doors. However, if you're not confident in your DIY skills, you may opt for locks that come with installation kits or tools. You should avoid locks that have sharp edges, which may cut your child's hands or cause them to injure themselves. Instead, look for smooth edges. Parents should also read reviews and feedback to find the best option for their home.


Locks on cabinet doors

Locks on cabinet doors are a great way to babyproof your home. You can purchase adhesive locks, which are easy to install, or you can choose to install spring-loaded latches. These types of locks are easier to use than the older versions, and they don't damage cabinets. Whether you choose to use adhesive or spring-loaded latches, you should clean the installation area beforehand.


Latches on door handles

One of the easiest ways to babyproof your home is to use latches on door handles. You can purchase latches that have a self-locking mechanism or ones that aren't self-locking. When choosing latches, make sure to consider the safety and comfort of your baby. A latch will prevent a child from pulling the handle off of a door handle and hurting himself or herself.

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