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What not to get Mom for Mother's Day

What not to get Mom for Mother's Day

Mother’s day is just around the corner and stores are filled with wonderful Mother’s day gift ideas. Even Lowes has an amazing range of products that make great gifts for Mom, you can even save money of these amazing products (and Mom won’t know) using a Lowes Printable Coupon from We Are Coupons. However, there are and always will be those among us have absolutely no clue how to buy a Mother’s Day gift or what to give the most important person in your life. To help those who don’t have a clue here is what to avoid with a few ideas about what NOT to buy for Mom on Mother’s Day…

Appliances – especially Vacuum Cleaners

Despite how grateful Mom will pretend to  be when getting anything from you on Mother’s Day, Moms are world experts in hiding the truth. Top of the list of what not to buy mom for Mother’s Day is any appliance, especially a vacuum cleaner. As much as she may say she needs a new vacuum or microwave it is the last thing she wants as it merely reminds her of house work and it kind of makes her think that is all she is.

Cleaning Materials

This sounds obvious and is quite possibly the worst gift you could give to anyone let alone your mom. Never buy cleaning materials for Mom on Mother’s Day, yes some people have been known to do this and Mom’s feigned gratitude but inside they were very let down. Buying cleaning materials is never a good idea for a gift – they are not found in the gift aisle of ANY store!


Lingerie has to be the most awkward and downright weird gift for anyone to give their mother on Mother’s day. This is so bad it is actually creepy and is by far the ultimate no no on so many levels. If this is gift a husband is giving to his wife on Mother’s day please make sure the kids are not around but ideally this is not a Mother’s day gift.


It is a crime not to give your mother a gift on Mother’s Day, a crime punishable by disowned by your own mother. Okay, it is not officially a crime but to be honest, it should be. Shame on you if you buy your mother nothing for Mother’s day, there are only a very few excuses and even then, no matter how good the excuse it your Mother is worth so much more. Giving nothing means you have no respect for your mother, even a phone call means the world if you live on the other side of the world.

Mom’s are really specially and should not be forgotten…. EVER! Lowes has a superb range of amazing Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that Mom will love and you can even use your Lowes Money Off Coupon to buy her something super special that she will never forget.

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