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Best places to learn DIY and Home Maintenance

Best places to learn DIY and Home Maintenance

Home Depot has been the number one hardware store in America for many years.  The store is renowned for its great products at great prices.  With a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons you can save even more money at Home Depot.

It is all well and good being able to buy all the home maintenance essentials from Home Depot, but how can you learn to become a DIY master?  Here are the best ways and places to learn


Udemy has become a go to source of courses on just about every subject under the sun. There are plenty of courses on everything from how to paint and decorate to more advanced DIY tasks.  Udemy is easy to sign up for and you can take everything from a simple short course to a longer course that can either give you the basic skills or turn you into the home maintenance master

Home Repair Tutor

The Home Repair Tutor offers a variety of online courses that quite literally help you look after your home. With step by step tutorials, not just how to videos, the Home Repair Tutor teaches you the basics of home maintenance the easy way.

Family Handyman DIY University

For everything from fixing a dripping faucet to mig welding a climbing frame, the Family Handyman DIY University has it all. There are plenty of free courses and paid for online courses as well as instructor led courses.  This platform is very much the ultimate place to learn everything and anything DIY or Home Maintenance.

Local Schools and Colleges

Many cities and suburbs have night schools and [part time courses that teach hands on DIY.  New York is a great example with Neighborhood Housing Services of Queens CDC offering an eight-week home maintenance training class and New York City College of Technology, City University of New York holding classes that  include basic home repair and basic plumbing.  There plenty of courses in your local area too.

Home Depot

Home Depot hold regular courses and workshops throughout the country on everything from carpentry to plumbing. With real experts teaching real home maintenance, many Americans soon move from novice to close to expert on everything they need to look after their home.,

YouTube and Books

There are countless YouTube Channels and plenty of books available that can help you get to grips with your DIY and Home Maintenance.  YouTube has been the biggest training school in the world for millions of people, check out our list of YouTube videos in our previous blog.  Amazon has a superb selection  of DIY and Home Maintenance books, these make excellent gifts or can be just a treat for yourself.

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