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COVID19: DIY in self Isolation

COVID19: DIY in self Isolation

So,  COVID19  or the Coronavirus has taken over the world and it looks like self-isolation and quarantine are a reality for many people.  You have been to Lowes and used your Lowes Printable Coupons to stock up on DIY stuff and now you have the perfect chance to use them and do some tasks around the house. So, what do you do?

Redecorate a room

Lowes stocks plenty of paint and décor ideas and when sat at home doing very little you may get the urge to change things a little. So, you move the furniture around and look at the walls and think “this needs a change of color”. Painting the walls of a room really can give your home a new lease of life, instead of white why not go with something bright and cheerful, yellow perhaps.  Paint the window frames too and maybe even the doors.  Now is the perfect time to spruce up a room or two.

Tidy the garden

We all complain that we never get enough time to really look after our garden. What with social distancing and self-isolation your garden is now your playground. Why not give your garden a good make over and tidy up. Spring is almost here in most parts of the country and now is the right time to get into your garden and get it ready for summer. It may even be warm enough to enjoy your first barbecue, there is nothing better than a steak off the grill having worked hard all day in the fresh air.

Clean the gutters and drains

Winter has seen your gutters and drains fill up with gunk and junk. Spring is the perfect time to clean out these places to ensure your home is ready for next winter. Using a ladder, you can reach the higher places and then the pressure washer you purchased from Lowes helps clean the drains and other places with natures trash gathers. By the time the Coronavirus has passed your house will be clean and perfectly ready to withstand the harshest of winters.

Fix the drips

No doubt you have a faucet that drips and because your life is so busy you have not gotten round to foxing it. Fixing a dripping faucet is easy and most homes have the basic tools to do so. If you are having to self-isolate this is the perfect chance to check all your sinks and baths to fix the drips.

Finally hang those pictures

Too many homes have pictures that never get hung. Out and about many of us buy paintings because we love them but simply putting up a picture hook never happens. Now many of us have time on out hands so why not finally hang that picture and smile to let the chaos of the world fade away.


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