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Simple DIY that adds value to your home

For decades Home Depot has been helping homeowners improve their homes by providing the best materials, tools, appliances and ideas. Shopping online at Home Depot saves money and shopping online  with a We Are Coupons Home Depot Money Off Coupon saves even more money. Everyone knows that Home Depot represents the perfect middle ground between affordability and quality but not everyone knows that some small DIY tasks can seriously add value to your property for very little outlay. Here are some of the best ways to add value to your home for very little cost or hard work.

Paint the doors

One of the cheapest and easiest ways to add value to your home, especially when you are selling is to paint the front door. A freshly painted front door adds value to your home, often in the mind but that can make all the difference. Freshly painted doors help homes sell quicker.  In general a fresh coat of paint anywhere in the home adds value to the price of a home and shows the house is well taken care of.

Light fittings

Another really simple way to add value to your home is to replace your light fittings. From simple upgrades such as new lampshades through to new light switches and dimmers the cost of adding considerable value to your home is minimal. Home Depot has a wide range of superb light fittings at even more superb prices to help you add style and value to your home with almost zero effort.

Home Security

One value add that many homeowners overlook is security. Replacing locks and adding DIY security to your home need not cost a fortune and can be done easily. A secure home will sell faster and for a higher price making the addition of even the most basic home security a winner.

Spruce up any cupboards

Sprucing up cupboards, especially in the kitchen makes a significant increase to any home. A simple coast or paint or some new handles makes a room look new. As with everything, the devil is always in the detail and for the sake of $100 to $300 you could have thousands to the value of your home through the eyes of a buyer.

The garden

Never overlook your garden.  A tidy garden with a trimmed lawn adds value to a property.  Simple things such as some shrubs, quality garden furniture (often for display only)  turns a house into a home and this adds value for many buyers.

All these things are really simple and all are very affordable. Home Depot has tons of ideas that can add value to your home for very little. We Are Coupons can help you save money at Home Depot so you cash in on the sale of your home

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