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Home and Garden Resolutions for 2021

Home and Garden Resolutions for 2021

Happy New Year and like many you are breathing a sigh of relief that 2020 is over. Home Depot is still here and We Are Coupons still has the best Home Depot coupons you can find.  So, now you have a new year it is time for some New Year’s Resolution, especially ones for your home and garden. Here a few to help you out and kick off the New Year.

Have a Proper Clear Out

Every home has tons of junk, the stuff your keep in case you need it. After a rough, tough and challenging 2020 starting from a clean sheet is the best way forward. Get into the attic, empty those junk drawers, get into the garage and toss out that trash!  A clean and clear house is a great way to start the New Year… now you just need to set the New Year’s resolution of not buying more junk.

Keep on Top of the Cleaning

We all promise it and many of us fail in a few short weeks. After a good clear out the next job is to clean and then the job for the rest of the year is to keep on top of it. Establish a home cleaning plan and make sure you have plenty of stock of all your cleaning essentials. Maybe you need to a new vacuum cleaner or new mops. Get onto it and then stick to it, get the family involved and making house cleaning a joint effort. You can even make it fun but giving incentives, family incentives!

Finally, Paint the Windows and Doors

You promised in 2017, 2018, you forgot in 2019 and even during a lockdown in 2020 you promised but didn’t do it.  Painting the windows and doors on your house properly, replacing if you need to is a 2021 New Years Resolution that you will never regret. Put a plan in place and room by room, window by window you can work your way around the house.  Remember you can save money on Paint with a Home Depot Coupon from We Are Coupons.

Landscape Your Garden

You love your garden but you always want it to look better. Make 2021 you landscape your garden. Landscaping your garden is a New Years Resolution that will give you great joy and pleasure both in doing so and in the final result. Again, get the family involved and of course, get some advice from Home Depot.

Start a Vegetable Patch

Another garden promise for may people has been to start a vegetable patch and eat homegrown produce. The furthest many get is a small herb garden in a few pots. Set your goal now and begin planning, it will soon be spring and time to plant. Your own vegetable patch will only make your garden awesome but furthermore, your family will eat healthily!


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